2 Days – 1 Night Nusa Penida Expedition Explore Instagram Places

2 Days – 1 Night Nusa Penida Expedition is a perfect tour package to explore the island of Nusa Penida with the most famous Instagram places in the world. This tour package will provide an exciting experience for 2 days and 1 night on this paradise island. Furthermore, we will take you to visit beautiful places and more on other Nusa Penida tour packages. Likewise, this tour will provide an extraordinary experience during your vacation in Bali. It is truly one of the best ideas to enjoy Instagram Tours in Bali.

Meanwhile, we have designed 2 Days – 1 Night Nusa Penida Expedition with complete benefits. This includes accommodation for 1 night, transportation, boat transfer, tour guide, and full board to the entrance ticket at all tourist attractions. So, this is a tour option that is really right for those of you who want to explore Nusa Penida longer.

2 Days – 1 Night Nusa Penida Expedition

Tour Price

Total Participant Price
Single Traveler USD
2 – 4 people USD
5 – 8 people USD
(5 – 12 years)

Price Inclusions on 2 Days – 1 Night Nusa Penida Expedition:

  • 21% government tax and service charge
  • Entrance fees at all tourist destinations
  • Round trip Fast boat transfer
  • 1 x lunch at a local restaurant
  • Speaking guide (English, Japanese, and other language is subject to availability)
  • Private full air-conditioning car
  • One bottle of mineral water during the tour

Note: our tour guide will help you to take photos at each destination, but they are not a professional photographer. If you want a professional photographer to shoot you during the tour then the additional cost of US$ 250/tour will be applied. This rate included 100 – 150 photo shot with DSL + your mobile or Camera

Tour Itinerary of 2 Days – 1 Night Nusa Penida Expedition

DAY – 1

  • 06.00 am – pick up at the hotel
  • 07.00 am – check-in at Sanur port
  • 07.15 am – depart to Nusa Penida
  • 07.45 am – arrive at Nusa Penida
  • 08.30 am – 15.00 pm Visit Diamond beach or Atuh Beach, Visit Rumah Pohon ( Tree House ), Visit Thousand Island, Visit Teletubbies hills.
  • Lunch will serve at a local restaurant
  • 15.00 pm – transfer to your hotel for an overnight stay

DAY -2

  • 08.30 am – check out from your hotel
  • 08.30 am – 15.00 pm Visit Kelingking secret point, Broken beach, Angels Billabong, and Crystal Bay and snorkelling
  • Lunch will at a local restaurant
  • 15.00 pm – transfer to Toyo Pakeh port
  • 15.30 pm – depart from Nusa Penida
  • 16.45 pm – arrive at Sanur port
  • 17.30 pm – arrive at your hotel

DAY – 1: Nusa Penida Instagram Places to Visit

Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is one of the beaches that we encounter in postcards. A white sandy beach with blue seawater and limestone walls to the back it is a lonely beach on Nusa Penida. This is one of the Instagram places that makes traveller photographers and nature seekers always want to come. You can capture this place in your photos which will make your trip different from before.


Rumah pohon Nusa Penida Instagram Tour

The Tree House (Rumah Pohon) on Nusa Penida has become one of the most popular attractions and one of the most popular places to take photos or selfies. A house built on a tree with a view of the vast blue ocean. This is really a great place for photos and you must visit this Nusa Penida tour. We will give you the opportunity to capture these memories through your photos.

Thousand Island

The country of Indonesia is famous for its thousands of islands as well as Nusa Penida. However, this is slightly different because the islands of Nusa Penida are a cluster of limestone hills along the coastline. For that, we will take you to a point of view to see this amazing natural landscape. And also, you will be able to capture it with the best photos in your travel history.

Teletubbies Hills

nusa penida teletubbies hills

Nusa Penida Hill is the same as Teletubbies Hill. The tourists who have visited this site created the name of this hill. Nusa Penida is remarkable, all the places that are there have uniqueness. There are many green dunes that adorn these hills, and the distance between the hills with one adjacent semicircular shape. The hills are formed from limestone above which there is a thin ground overgrown with green grass, looks very beautiful and natural. When the rainy season grass will grow more and more that seemed to cover it. When morning and evening is a very suitable time to visit Teletubbies Hill because if during the day the weather is very hot and there is no shelter.

DAY – 2: Nusa Penida Instagram Places to Visit

Broken Beach or Pasih Uug

broken beach, nusa penida tour

Broken Beach with its unique name and is increasingly famous among travellers. Previously, local people here named this beach Pasih Uug which was taken from the Balinese language. At present, this place is phenomenal as one of the Instagram places that we must visit when visiting Nusa Penida. Likewise, when you join this tour, we will find it.

Angle Billabong

angel billabong

This place is the place we will visit on this tour agenda. Both Angel Billabong and Broken Beach are in contiguous locations that have a wide view of the sea with rocks as a shoreline fence. They both have a highlight point as a point of view to take pictures. Angel Billabong is blessed with beautiful natural stone pools, especially during low tide. so, this place is truly spectacular with rock formations located in the southwest of Nusa Penida.

Kelingking Secret Point

kelingking beach nusa penida, nusa penida tour

Kelingking Beach offers a truly spectacular natural landscape with limestone hills covered in green facing the Indian ocean. It is blessed by a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean and limestone hills covered in green sloping into the sea. We can take some pictures of a white sandy beach as crystal stretches below with blue seawater in front of it. This is an Instagram place that many travellers visit to take photos and capture them through their photos.

Crystal Bay

crustal bay nusa penida

It is a truly hidden beach from the city crowd which is ideal for recreation and swimming. The island of Nusa Penida is blessed with lots of incredible natural scenery, especially along the shoreline. Crystal Bay with a beautiful beach stretching about 200 meters is a place that we will visit on this tour agenda.

O2 Days – 1 Night Nusa Penida Expedition – Terms and Conditions

  • The above tour rates are valid until 31 March 2022.
  • The above rates are in USD Currency and net including tax and service charges.
  • The minimum booking required is 2 adults however if you are a single traveller, the single traveller charge will be applied.
  • Children’s age is from 2 – 12 years. Meanwhile, the adult rate will be applied if the children age beyond 12 years old.
  • Minimum 24 hours booking 2 Days – 1 night Nusa Penida Expedition can be accepted otherwise it will be subject to availability bases.
  • The booking confirmation is subject to availability bases.
  • We require the advance payment and booking request to block and secure the space, otherwise, it will be subject to availability bases.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation fee will be applied automatically if the cancellation is made within the:

  • 50% of the total invoice will be charged if the cancellation is made 3 days before the tour date
  • 100% of the total invoice will be charged if the cancellation is made 1 day up to now show
  • These cancellations are valid for individual booking only meanwhile the group booking will be informed separately on our confirmation sheet

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