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Bat Island, Pulau Kalong Sunset - Komodo Dragon Tours

Komodo Tours

Komodo Tours are the most exciting overland tours in Indonesia combining the sightseeing and adventures to see the spectacular panorama from each island in east part of Indonesia Archipelagos. The tours are perfectly designed for all travelers who wish to see the scarce animals living the wild habitats and the most beautiful underwater. Komodo Island offers the fantastic white sandy beach, beautiful panoramas, pure habitats of wild animals, scarce animals and more. It is an ideal place to visit when traveling to Indonesia in particular on your vacations.

Bat Island Sunset

Bat Island or Pulau Kalong offers the amazing panorama when sunset time where thousands of bat come out from their habitats. This island is surrounded by mangrove forest that is ideally for bats and other animals living free in this island. We able to see this beautiful panorama from the boat since there is not access to enter the island. In this site, we present the best picture of Bat Island with the great moment of bat coming out from the nest and seek the fruit.

Pulau Kalong Sunset

Bat Island, Pulau Kalong, Sunset, Komodo Dragon Tours
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