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Deer at Komodo Island - Indonesia National Park

Komodo Tours

Komodo Tours are the most exciting overland tours in Indonesia combining the sightseeing and adventures to see the spectacular panorama from each island in east part of Indonesia Archipelagos. The tours are perfectly designed for all travelers who wish to see the scarce animals living the wild habitats and the most beautiful underwater. Komodo Island offers the fantastic white sandy beach, beautiful panoramas, pure habitats of wild animals, scarce animals and more. It is an ideal place to visit when traveling to Indonesia in particular on your vacations.


Deer is another wild animal living free together with the biggest dragon in the world. It's live spread out in the island in particular the bush forest and it is one of the favorite food sources for Komodo. These animals growth fast and living together with others and the population of deer are quote a lot and always become the wanted animals for Komodo. Deer can live by eating the bush leaf and drink the resting water from the buffalo wallow. In this site, you can find out the beautiful deer picture living in Komodo Island.

Deer at Komodo Island

Deer at Komodo Island, Indonesia National Park
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