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Anniversary of Bali Star Island, we usually conduct a company gathering event with all staff and their families. We hope that by holding a company gathering, all staff will feel refreshed and enthusiastic in carrying out their obligations. So, it can create a harmonious work atmosphere, strong teamwork and increase productivity. They are valuable assets to make Bali Star Island a leader of travel companies in Indonesia and even in the world. We have held several gathering events with the theme of togetherness, teamwork, mental revolution, quality of service and fighting spirit.

Bali Star Island Anniversary

Singaraja Cycling and Bedugul Team Building – (10th Anniversary)

boat race, team building, bali star island, bali star island anniversary

On this occasion, we have done many activities to combine the adventures, games and stay in Bedugul. All activities are done within two days.  Firstly, we go for cycling adventure from Pupuan district to Lovina passing through the beautiful panorama along the trips. Meanwhile, team building activity at Bedugul including traditional boat race on the second day. Those experiences were very exciting and fantastic. Furthermore…

Yogyakarta Borobudur Tour – (9th Anniversary)

yogyakarta, yogyakarta tour, borobudur temple, borobudur tour, bali star island, bali star island anniversary

Our trip to Yogyakarta with all the staff of Bali Star Island was a truly pleasant trip. This trip also provides product knowledge to all staff because our company also sells tours to Yogyakarta. Besides visiting places of interest in Yogyakarta, they can also learn about local cultures. They really enjoyed the trip and got a memorable experience. Here, they can also enjoy local Javanese food, souvenirs, check in hotels and more. Furthermore..

Lovina Dolphin Watching – (8th Anniversary)

dolphin tour, lovina dolphin tour, bali star island, bali star island anniversary

We made this trip with our staff and family on the 8th Bali Star Island anniversary. Lovina Dolphin Watching Tour is a special tour to see dolphins that live freely in the middle of the sea. This trip uses a traditional boat and departs early in the morning led by a professional boat driver. And also, this trip can provide learning for all staff about product tours, especially the Lovina Dolphin Tour. This is because, this tour is a favorite tour for tourists where Bali Star Island also sells it. Furthermore..

Cruise to Lembongan Island – (7th Anniversary)

lembongan day cruise, bali star island, bali star island anniversary

On the 7th anniversary of our company, we and all staff enjoyed a fantastic cruise to Lembongan Island. We collaborate with Bali Hai Cruise and bring our staff to hold a gathering event on the paradise island. Our company has provided an opportunity for all staff to enjoy cruise activities and beach club facilities. We did a short meeting on the beach while reviewing our service for the past year. Also, we provide information about our challenges in the future. Furthermore…

Batur Mount Climbing – 03 April 2005 (6th Anniversary)

batur climbing, batur trekking, bali star island, bali star island anniversary

Mount Batur Climbing is a very impressive experience for all Bali Star Island staff. Our company has invited all staff to explore Mount Batur which is famous for its active volcanic mountains in Indonesia. This company gathering has brought us more than 1500 meters above sea level. Our tiredness is paid after arriving at the top of the mountain where we can enjoy beautiful views around the mountain. We could see the view of Lake Batur in the valley while the green hills flanking it. Furthermore..

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