Bali Star Island Staff and Management – Appreciation Night 2009

Appreciation Night 2009 Bali Star Island appreciation night 2009 was quite lively by bringing all the family of staff, tour guides and management. We held this event on December 31, 2009, to welcome the 2010 new year. The preparation for this event was very short with the preparation of a simple program, but it has a very lively event. The night appreciation program has been held from 6 pm to the new year countdown. We deliberately chose a place on the home page of one of Bali Star Island’s management with the theme “We Are Family”. 

All participants seemed very happy to take part in this event. Children joke with their new friends while their parents talk warmly with their colleagues. The night appreciation that we do is very useful to improve the togetherness between staff, tour guides and management. At the same time, this event is an appreciation to all employees who have given high dedication to Bali Star Island.

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Bali Star Island has provided dinner buffets to all participants with simple back-sound music accompaniment. This New Year Event Dinner program has been warm and happy for all employees and their families. Decorative dinners with Indonesian and Balinese dishes provide a special taste for the participants. We feel proud of the presence of all our employees and their families at this event.

Appreciation Night 2009 Bali Star Island

We are one of the travel companies that has won the trust of domestic and international market shares. This is because we have maintained a full commitment to providing the best service for all our guests. Besides that, we also maintain good relations with all our employees so that we are able to create a harmonious working atmosphere. For this reason, we have provided several prizes as awards for our employees. They have the right to get it because of the dedication they have given to Bali Star Island. We give the gift on the sidelines of the event while waiting for the countdown. So, this event can provide a different colour in the sustainability of our company to welcome global competition in the future.

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Appreciation Night Party

Other Staff Activities

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