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Bali Adventures offers many choices of adventure activities on the island. Furthermore, all the adventure activities have been carefully designed, safe and fun. Also, we offer all types of adventure activities that are already of international standard by prioritizing safety factors. Besides that, all these adventures have provided complete equipment. So, every customer will feel comfortable during this adventure on the island of God. Therefore, Bali Star Island is pleased to offer various kinds of adventure activities in Bali. We have worked with many adventure companies. Also, all of these adventure companies have experienced and have a high commitment to guest services. The companies have had a good reputation without any bad records so far. Also, they always strive to build a good reputation sustainably.

On the other hand, you can find the best selection of activities on Bali Adventures on the island of Bali. You can find it easily on our site. Furthermore, you can find these adventures from activities on land, rivers to the sea. All the activities on Bali Adventures that we offer on our site will provide extraordinary memories. So, your vacation will be full of sweet and memorable memories.

Bali Adventures – Tourist Activities in Bali, as a result below:

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The Favorite Bali Adventures, as a result below:

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Outdoor and Bali Adventure Activities List as a result below:

Bali Rafting

This adventure will take you to explore beautiful rivers and paddle a rubber boat with level 3 rapids for 2 hours.

Elephant Riding

We invite you to ride Sumatran elephants while enjoying the original nature in a beautiful elephant park.

Bali ATV Riding

We will explore Bali using all-terrain vehicles and through rice fields, beautiful countryside, jungle and muddy land.


We offer mountain and rural cycling adventures to explore the beautiful nature of Bali.

Horse Riding

We will take you to ride a horse on the beach while enjoying the fresh tropical air and beautiful sea views.

Land Cruises

It will take you to adventure with 4×4 cars and explore this island deeper to find uniqueness.

Water Sports

You can enjoy a variety of extraordinary water sport activities in Bali.

Bali Day Cruises

We will invite you to join a very amazing cruise to explore Lembongan Island.

Sunset Cruises

We offer a variety of romantic dinner options on cruise ships in Bali.

Bali Fishing

We offer fishing tours in the right fishing spots in Bali.

Bali Diving Tour

We will invite you to explore life under the sea through our dive tour program.

Diving Courses

This will provide diving training under the PADI instructor until you get a diving certificate and furthermore


Odyssey Submarine is one of the new adventure activities to see the underwater life and furthermore

Sea Walk

You will enjoy the sensation of walking in the sea with colourful fish and seeing beautiful coral.
and furthermore

Bali Treetop

This adventure will test your adrenaline to feel the sensation of walking on tropical trees
and furthermore.

Trekking Adventure

We will take you to the middle of the tropical forest or explore the rice fields and countryside through this program.

Mountain Trekking

Bali Mountain Trekking will take you to a fantastic experience seeing the sunrise on the mountain in Bali.

The Mason Adventure

It is one of the best adventure companies provides complete adventure activities such as Rafting, Trekking, Cycling, Elephant Safari and furthermore

True Bali Experience

This adventure company operates several adventures in Bali with a good reputation.

Bali Adventure Packages

Bali Adventures offer many complete adventure packages by combining 2 or more activities in one day.

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