Explore the Traditional Villages with Exotic Local Cultures – Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour 

Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour is one of the exciting Bali Unique Tours perfectly designed to explore the ancient village in the east part of Bali with unique traditions. Here, you will get a new perspective while visiting traditional exotic villages with the locals living in the Balinese commune that is far from modernization and seeing how they maintain their cultures and traditions. Moreover, you will also visit the Taman Nusa Culture Park, a place where you can see the beautiful multiple ethnic and cultures of Indonesia located in Gianyar regency. During your trip, you will be accompanied by our professional guide to discover unique things in each village that you visit with easy short trekking. Also, to make your trip more comfortable we provide full air-conditioning car transfer and our save driver. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get a new experience to see a different side of Bali!

What is Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour About?

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Tenganan Village

Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour is a great retreat for you to see how Bali in the past with a great view of nature and this tour will take about 10 hours (08.00 – 18.00). Further, you will discover the ancient traditional village in Penglipuran Village and continue the trip to see the multiple ethnic and cultures of Indonesia in Taman Nusa Park. Afterwards, we will visit Tenganan Village as an icon of ancient Balinese Village in the east part of Bali. Meanwhile, your lunch will be served in the nearest local restaurant with delicious food and exotic view. The rest of the time, we can visit local fisherman traditionally making salt on the beach. Finally, we back to the hotel to terminate the tour.

Places to Visit in Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour


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Penglipuran Village

It is the first stop point during Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour. Furthermore, Penglipuran Village located in Kubu Village Bangli regency and it is a traditional countryside where the residents welcome you to go into their compounds for a visit. Each house has the same architecture which includes the family temple, kitchen and a shed for ceremonies. According to mythology, the name Penglipuran comes from ‘Pengeling Pura’, which means remembering the ancestors. On the other hand, it mentioned that this village was built to respect their ancestors’ at Kintamani, which is why Penglipuran is one of Bali’s villages whose people regularly make offerings and hold rituals to respect mythological spirits. Therefore, it is a good place to visit during the Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour.


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Kehen Temple

This temple is next place to visit during Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour. It is beautifully located on a hillside, south part of Bangli Regency which is about 45 Km from Denpasar town. Moreover, this temple strategically located in high land, so you can feel different sensations with cool fresh air. Further, you will find out the Panyimpenan Temple building that keeps 3 inscriptions related to its contents and the temple existence. In fact, it is a famous temple in Bali and many visitors from foreign countries visit this site. Above all, Bali Island has been well known and offers many places of interest throughout the island and Kehen Temple is one of them that you must visit.


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It is a good place to visit during the Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour. This site is a cultural park presenting the multiple ethnic and cultures of Indonesia from Sumatra until Papua. Taman Nusa is featured by the beautiful traditional Indonesian commune with each culture and also the history that will encourage you to explore all islands. Here, you can find out traditional houses in every province in Indonesia and also it is a good place to educate and preserve the cultures from modernization. Above all, Taman Nusa is a beautiful culture park set on a riverbank with a panoramic view of the river valley underneath and fresh atmosphere surround it.


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Lastly, this is your stop point during Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour. Moreover, it is an icon of the oldest Balinese Village in Karangasem Regency, east part of Bali. Here, you can see the indigenous Balinese people living their daily life through the traditions, untouched by the modernization. Meanwhile, another unique thing about this village is called Pandan war. It is one of the rituals performed by two young men were pitted against each other in a special arena. In addition, you can see this ritual on Ngusaba Sambah that held every June.


  • 08.00 Pick up at your hotel lobby
  • 10.00 Visit Penglipuran Village
  • 11.30 Visit Kehen Temple
  • 12.45 Lunch at local restaurant
  • 13.45 Visit Taman Nusa
  • 16.00 Visit Tenganan Village
  • 16.45 Visit Traditional Self Making
  • 17.00 Back to hotel
  • 18.00 Arriving at your hotel

BALI ANCIENT VILLAGE TOUR (Code: BSI-UQ006) PRICE: IDR 1,282,000 net/person – min of 2 people (adult)
Children : IDR 1,012,000 net/child (3 – 12 years)
Single Traveler: IDR1,687,000 net/person
Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour Price Inclusions:

  • 21% government tax and service charge
  • 1 x lunch at local restaurant
  • Entrance fee at all tourist destinations
  • Speaking guide (English, Japanese and other language is subject to availability)
  • One bottle of mineral water during tour

NOTE: The above itinerary is subject to change according to the local conditions

T-shirt, hat, camera, sunglasses, money, sandals/sport shoes, and sunscreen.

Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour – Terms and Conditions

  • The above Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour rates are valid until 31 March 2022.
  • The rates are in IDR Currency and net including tax and service charge.
  • The minimum booking required is 2 adult however if you are a single traveller, the single traveller charge will be applied.
  • Children age is accounted for from 3 – 12 years and the adult rate will be applied if the children age beyond 12 years old.
  • This tour is using a van or bus with full air-conditioning and when using other vehicles like VW Safari or other Jeep then the additional charge will be applied.
  • Tour Itinerary is subject to change without notice according to the local conditions
  • Minimum 3 days booking for Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour can be accepted otherwise it will be subject to availability bases.
  • Booking confirmation is subject to availability bases.
  • Advance payment and booking request are absolutely required and all confirmations will be sent through your email.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation fee will be applied automatically if the cancellation is made within:

  • 50% of the total invoice will be charged if the cancellation is made 3 days before the tour date.
  • 100% from the total invoice will be charged if the cancellation is made 1 day up to now show.
  • These cancellations are valid for individual booking only meanwhile for the group booking will be informed separately on our confirmation sheet.

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