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Explore the Indonesian Archipelagos to Discover Local Cultures and Nature

Bali and Beyond Packages is a selection of various kinds of vacation packages on the island of Bali and other regions in Indonesia. Our professional team has designed all attractive vacation packages outside the island of Bali to explore Indonesia’s nature. So, we offer vacation packages that make tourist attractions throughout Indonesia. This includes Yogyakarta, Bromo, Komodo, Tanah Toraja, Borneo, Lombok, and West Papua. This is truly a comprehensive Indonesian tour package and will take you to explore the beautiful nature of Indonesia. And even, you can see the culture of the archipelago directly and the amazing natural scenery.

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In addition, we have designed all vacation packages carefully and completely with attractive benefits. Meanwhile, our Bali and Beyond Vacation Packages have been arranged at an affordable and reasonable price. This is one of the vacation package deals on our site and is an option for tourists who want to explore faraway Indonesia.

Choice of Bali and Beyond Packages

Indonesia is a tropical country with more than 17,000 islands scattered throughout the archipelago. This country is very rich in nature and unique culture and we can find different things on each island. Therefore, we invite you to explore this beautiful country through our attractive vacation packages. There is no doubt that we have designed all our Bali and Beyond Vacation Packages on our site perfectly. Likewise, complete and attractive benefits make your holiday enjoyable.

KOMODO National Park Tours

Bali and Beyond Vacation Packages offer attractive tour packages to the Komodo National Park. All of our Komodo Dragon Tours are very interesting to take you to explore a national park in the eastern archipelago of Indonesia. Your journey in this dry savanna area will find rare animals from giant lizards. Likewise, you will enjoy boat trips, and relax on a desert island with clear sea water for swimming and snorkelling.

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Dayak and Orangutan Tours in Kalimantan

5 Days Balikpapan Dayak Tour

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This is a very exciting nature tour to explore the tropical forests in Kalimantan and visit the Dayak tribe. A tour package that will take you on an adventure into the wild and stay at the houseboat. Therefore, you should join our tour to enjoy the thrill of adventure in Borneo nature. Meanwhile, we have designed this tour perfectly with an attractive agenda and affordable prices. Furthermore…

5 Days Dayak Loksado Bamboo Rafting Tour

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This tour package will take you on an adventure in the land of Borneo for 5 days to visit the Dayak tribe. A tribe in the interior of the Kalimantan forest with a very unique culture. Meanwhile, we have designed this tour package and take you on an adventure in the wild. Moreover, you will enjoy the sensation of adventure rafting with bamboo rafts to explore the river with the dense tropical forests surrounding it. Furthermore…


East Java Tours will give a different colour to your holiday memories in Bali. We will invite you to explore the beautiful nature in East Java which is famous for its active volcanoes. Mount Ijen is known for offering stunning natural scenery and bursts of blue fire in the spectacular Ijen Crater. Meanwhile, Bromo National Park offers a romantic sunrise with incredible views of nature and valleys. In fact, we will take you on an adventure on a 4 x 4 Jeep to cross the sea of sand and ride a horse to the foot of the Bromo volcano.

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We offer attractive tour packages to Flores to explore the eastern regions of the Indonesian Archipelago. Furthermore, you will find the lives of local people with unique cultures. Likewise, the beautiful nature of Flores always presents an amazing view that makes your holiday very memorable. And in fact, we will encourage you to explore the Komodo National Park to find the largest reptile in the world that is almost extinct at the end of our beautiful journey. See more…


We have designed West Papua Tours perfectly to take you exploring the land of Candrawasih. An easternmost large island of the Indonesian Archipelago with its beautiful nature and unique local culture. All of our tours are adventurous in Papua with stunning valley and mountain views. And even, Dani as one of the inland tribes who live in Papua will offer a unique ritual in our visit. For that, you can choose the right tour package to Papua by contacting our team.

Other Popular BALI and BEYOND Vacation Packages

The country of Indonesia stores a lot of interesting places to visit along this archipelago. For this reason, we provide a large selection of attractive tour packages on the pages of Bali and Beyond Vacation Packages. Also, we offer popular tour packages for tourists with a comprehensive agenda to get you to the right places.

Bali, Gili, Lombok, and Komodo Package 13 Nights

This is one of the popular Bali and Beyond Vacation Packages for 14 days to explore the nature of Bali and eastern Indonesia. A vacation package that will take you to see the unique culture in Bali and Indonesia, especially in Lombok, Gili, and Komodo. This a perfect tour package to bring you to enjoy the nature and culture of the Indonesian archipelago. Meanwhile, we have designed this vacation package perfectly, including an attractive agenda and benefits. So, it will be easy to determine your choice for a vacation in Indonesia. Furthermore

Borobudur and Gili Island Package 13 Nights

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This is an exciting vacation package by combining 3 beautiful areas in Indonesia. A vacation package that will take you to explore the nature of Bali, Yogyakarta and the Gili Islands. Moreover, you can see the culture in the 3 regions in this vacation package. Meanwhile, our team has designed this holiday agenda perfectly and with attractive benefits. Also, you can enjoy the atmosphere of white sand beaches with tropical air on the island of Gili. So, this is one of the popular Bali and Beyond Vacation Packages among tourists that you need to book. Furthermore

Borobudur and Komodo Packages 14 Nights

This is an attractive vacation package for 15 days to explore the nature of Bali, Borobudur and Komodo National Park. This is truly an exciting vacation package to take you to see the unique cultures and beautiful natures in the three regions. We have designed your travel agenda in this vacation package to make your vacation memorable. Yogyakarta with the magnificent Borobudur Temple will give an overview of the past Indonesian culture. While the Komodo National Park is a wildlife sanctuary for giant lizards. Furthermore

Java and Bali Overland Tour 16 Nights

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A long vacation package to explore the island of Bali and almost all regions of Java. Holidays will take you to see the culture of Bali and Java directly. Meanwhile, the scenery in each place that we will visit will offer amazing views. You don’t need to worry because we have designed this holiday agenda carefully and perfectly. Also, we have included attractive benefits in this package at an affordable and reasonable price. So, it is time for you to join one of the famous Bali and Beyond Vacation Packages to explore Java and Bali with us. Furthermore


Borobudur Temple View, Yogyakarta Borobudur Temple

Yogyakarta is one of the provinces in Indonesia located in the middle of the island of Java. This area is very rich with historical relics from the Hindu and Buda kingdoms. Furthermore, we can find large temples of Hindu and Buda civilizations in the area including Borobudur and Prambanan temples. For this reason, we have designed various attractive tour packages to Yogyakarta by visiting Borobudur and Prambanan Temple and seeing the beautiful local culture.

One Day Yogyakarta Tour

One day tour in Yogyakarta is an exciting tour to visit Borobudur and Prambanan temples. Also, we will take you to visit the Sultan Palace and see the lifestyle of people in Yogyakarta. Furthermore…

2 Days Borobudur Sunrise Tour

This tour will take you to the top of Borobudur temple to see the sunrise. So, you will see the beauty of the natural surroundings and sacred buildings with reliefs full of Buda’s message. Furthermore…

Yogyakarta Borobudur Solo Tour

This tour will take you around the area of Yogyakarta to Solo for 5 days. This is truly an exciting tour that makes your holiday memorable for visiting interesting places. Furthermore…

Yogyakarta Merapi Solo Tour

This will take you to visit Borobudur, Prambanan, and Merapi to Solo. A fun tour package to explore the Yogyakarta area to see the beautiful culture. Furthermore…

Yogyakarta Tours Depart from Bali

Bali – Yogyakarta One-Day Tour

A tour that is most popular for tourists who stay in Bali. This tour departs from Bali and enjoys tours in Yogyakarta and returns to Bali on the same day. Furthermore…

Bali Borobudur Sunrise Tour

This tour will take you to see the sunrise from the top of the Borobudur temple. Meanwhile, this tour departs from Bali and returns to the island of the gods at the end of the excursion. Furthermore…

Bali Yogyakarta Relax Tour

This tour is more relaxed than other tours to Yogyakarta. You will enjoy your tour agenda with ease with our experienced tour guide for 2 days. Furthermore…

All tours to Yogyakarta have been perfectly designed with attractive benefits. Likewise, we have accommodated our customer’s desire to create attractive tour packages at reasonable and affordable prices. If you don’t find a tour package on this page, then you can browse our other pages specifically about Yogyakarta Tours.