Hindu Blessing Ceremony – Bali Blessing Wedding Ceremony

Bali Blessing Wedding Ceremony is a ritual blessing of the Hindu religion for the bride and groom. This blessing ceremony is carried out by the procedures of Hindu rituals in Bali. You will wear beautiful Balinese attire with graceful decoration during this ceremony. The Hindu blessing ceremony is uniquely designed with the great and famous Balinese culture. On the other hand, Balinese offerings with the concept of unification of the universe will be designed to accompany this blessing ceremony. It will be more colours with beautiful decorations such as banners (Umbul-umbul), Bali’s umbrellas, and flowers. Hence, it will provide a graceful colour in this ceremonial procession. Meanwhile, a Hindu celebrant will lead the Bali Blessing Ceremony.

Also, this procession is an informal procession such as a Balinese Hindu wedding ceremony. This ceremony is only taking part of the Hindu wedding ceremony. Therefore, this ceremony will not change the wedding couple’s beliefs or religion. It is a perfect choice for you who want to feel the sensation of Bali blessing ceremony during your vacation on this island.

Bali Blessing Wedding Ceremony

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Bali Hindu Wedding Ceremony is a sacred and very important wedding ceremony for Hindu couple in their lives. This ceremony is very unique and takes quite a long procession. Therefore, we have designed the Bali Blessing Ceremony with a brief and simple method. So, it is suitable for non-Hindu couple to enjoy this experience. On the other hand, we are very flexible on blessing place except in Hindu temples. You can determine the best place for this blessing ceremony such as in hotels, resorts, villas or other places.

Services and Facilities

  • Documentations
  • English speaking celebrant
  • Logistic Support for Events
  • Entertainment
  • Food and Beverage for Party
  • Accommodations
  • Decoration Design
  • Event Programs Design
  • Transportation
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As one of the reliable wedding planners, we will offer you a very competitive and reasonable price. We will design the best price and always see your request. Meanwhile, the number of invitations, type of parties, decorations, entertainment and the choice of blessing venues will determine the price. Our doors are always open and we will be happy to discuss to make your event run smoothly. Therefore, please feel free to contact our team to realize your wishes.

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