Short Trip from Bali to Lombok and Gili Island – Bali Boat Transports

Bali Boat Transports offers several choices of fast boat transfers from Bali to Gili Island and Lombok round trip. We have collaborated with some of the leading fast boat operators in Bali since we started this service. Your trip will be faster and more efficient from and to Lombok or the Gili islands. Besides that, a fast boat with an elegant and luxurious design for all passengers will provide more value for our customers. Also, friendly service from the crew will help you during the trip. Your trip will take 1 hour and 30 minutes from Padang Bai. Your trip will be short by taking a fast boat while enjoying the tropical air and wide sea views.

In addition, This fast boat is equipped with international standards of safety with an emphasis on safety and comfort. This will provide a high sense of security and comfort for each passenger. Meanwhile, the machines with big power will drive the boat faster during the trip. So, your trip will be very short and more efficient than using an aeroplane. Bali Boat Transports dispatch passengers from several well-known ports. The ports include Serangan, Padang Bai, Teluk Kode, Teluk Nara and Gili Trawangan. You can book a ticket one way or two at a time.

Best Bali Fast Boat Transports

Today, we can reach the Gili Islands and Lombok very quickly. Furthermore, several fast boat companies provide the same service as others. However, Bali Star Island has selected several fast boat companies with a good reputation and has a high commitment to tourist services. All fast boat companies that work with us are equipped with international standard safety standards. Also, every passenger is protected by insurance. That the reason why you should go with fast boat transfers from Bali to Gili Island.

BlueWater Express – Bali Boat Transports

BlueWater Express

A fast boat company and provides fast boat transportation services from Bali to Lombok and Gili Island round trip. This service runs every day according to schedule. BlueWater Express is one of Bali fast boat companies will take you onboard within 1 hour 45 minutes from Padang Bai Port. Or, you will sail 2 hours and 45 minutes from Serangan Island. It offers fun trips on the boat while enjoying the fantastic cruise trip with panoramic view and a fresh tropical atmosphere. Furthermore.

Gili-Gili Fast Boat – Bali Boat Transports

Gili-Gili Fast Boat is a fast boat company providing fast boat transportation services from Bali to Lombok as well as Gili Island. Furthermore, the company provides fast boat transportation services in two different ports in Bali. The port includes Serangan port and Padang Bai port. Meanwhile, your trip will be fun using this fast boat. And also, your time will be more efficient and faster to the destination. You can book tickets through this site here.

From Bali to Gili Island

The best way to Gili Island from Bali is by using fast boat transfers from Bali to Gili Island depart from Serangan harbour. The boats will take 2 hours 30 minutes to reach Gili Trawangan and continue to Gili Air and the last stop at Lombok harbour. Therefore, all Gili Island is developing rapidly and a lot of hotel and resort is built recently, Also, other public facilities such as restaurant and bars were growth at all of Gili island. As we know Gili is a non-motorcycle island, therefore, all beach is calm and exotic at all time. Therefore, for those who want to stay in a silent place, Gili is a perfect choice.

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