4 Top Bali Cruises Offer Exciting Cruise Tours

Bali Cruises introduce the top 4 companies that all provide Bali cruise packages on the program. All cruise companies are experienced and provide the best cruise service to each of their customers. Furthermore, this Bali cruise tour will invite you to sail across the Bali Strait to a remote island located to the southeast of the island of Gods. You will enjoy the sensation of sailing with a luxury cruise ship and friendly crew so that you will feel comfortable during the trip. Meanwhile, the island’s destination in the Bali Cruises program is 2 beautiful islands including Lembongan and Nusa Penida islands. Both islands are blessed with crystal beaches with white sand along the coast. Also, we can explore the island by taking a village tour to see the lives of residents with their social lifestyle.

About Bali Cruises and Cruise Program Choices

All 4 top Bali Cruises begin their journey from Benoa Harbor and head to Lembongan or Nusa Penida islands. However, there is also a short cruise in the afternoon and with dinner on the boat while enjoying the sunset. More about day cruise, your trip will use luxury cruises and international standard to cross to Lembongan island or Nusa Penida. Meanwhile, the crew that has been trained well and will provide assistance to you. So, you will be awake comfortable and happy to enjoy this cruise. On the other hand, all companies in 4 top Bali cruises have provided other cruise activities on the island. These activities include snorkelling, banana boat ride, semi-submarine, village tours, lunch and even to use the beach club facilities.

Finally, after enjoying the cruise activity, you will sail back to Benoa Harbor and return to the hotel using a comfortable car. So, this is a cruise package that will make your holiday different and you should not miss it.

4 Top Bali Cruises Offers Bali Cruise Packages

Bali Star Island has collaborated with 4 top Bali cruises and provides cruise packages. You can find all the cruise tour packages on our site as below.


IDR 1,369,000
per person

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Bali Hai Cruise

Bali Hai Cruise is one of the most popular cruises among other 4 top best Bali cruises taking you to visit another paradise island at Lembongan Island with the luxurious cruise ship to explore the beauty of Bali Seaside. It is a part program of 4 top Bali Cruises to explore Lembongan Island with beautiful white sandy beach, colourful coral and fishes and fantastic village tour. Therefore, the Bali Hai Cruise will bring and perform your dream come through. Moreover, this cruise company also provides several Bali Cruise Packages with all fantastic and attractive cruise activities such as Reef Cruise, Aristocat, Beach Club, Ocean Rafting.


bounty cruise, bounty cruise logo

IDR 1,270,000
per person

Bounty, bali, cruise, lembongan, island, bounty cruise, lembongan cruise
Bounty Cruise

This cruise is one of 4 top Bali cruises that provides the best cruise program in Bali Cruises. They will take you to sail to Lembongan Island, a remote island with crystal sand and clear seawater. Meanwhile, the ship from the Bounty Cruise has been luxuriously designed with a stabilizer to maintain wave shocks. A high-pressure jet engine will drive the ship to speed across the Bali strait quickly. On the other hand, cruise activities are very exciting and interesting and will give an impression on your holiday in Bali. Because complete service and facilities will make your cruise tour very comfortable. Also, Bounty Cruise also provides a sunset cruise with dinner. This is ideal for those of you who like a romantic atmosphere while sailing on the sea and enjoying the sunset. Furthermore, please review complete page of Bounty Cruises HERE


waka, land cruise, waka land cruise logo

IDR 1,552,000
per person

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Waka Sailing Cruise

It is part of 4 top Bali Cruises provide a fantastic cruise tour by sailing across Badung strait by Catamaran to Lembongan Island and Waka’s reef club. Furthermore, as a part of Bali Cruises then it will take you on a wonderful trip to Lembongan. And also, it will provide the lunch of Indonesian/Western food, great cruise activities including snorkelling and an exclusive village tour. Meanwhile, when sailing back to Benoa Port, this cruise will provide a complimentary cocktail while enjoying the sunset. Furthermore, you will discover the great experiences with friendly ship crew details about Waka Sailing Cruise HERE.


bali, sail sensations, cruise, logo

IDR 1,512,000
per person

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Sail Sensation Cruise

Sail Sensations is one of the famous 4 top Bali Cruises also offering Bali Cruise Packages with exciting cruise experience to visit Lembongan Island. It is a fun ship cruise with a sailing catamaran boat. And also, the friendly services from professional crews will make your trip comfortable. On the other hand, it is a relaxing cruise ideally for honeymoon or group traveller who wants to rent the whole spaces. So, this will give a special sensation for you on your holiday in Bali. Also, this cruise will provide a relaxing cruise with a romantic atmosphere. Thus, you can find more details about Sail Sensations Cruise To Lembongan through this page. Furthermore

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