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Bali CSR Service can arrange a Corporate Social Responsibility program throughout Bali Island. This program covers layout activities, venue, general affairs, logistics as well as event support. Hence, we help those company who wants to do social activities in the right way on the island. As one of the event planners on the island, Bali Star Island is proud to provide CSR Project Services to facilitate the company or organization to support the program until the end. Furthermore, our professional and experienced teams will take care of your requirement and offer any solutions to meet both sides’ needs.

CSR – Bali Corporate Social Responsibility Concept

Bali Corporate Social Responsibility is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. It is a social working project to keep sustainable eco-environment, care to nature and human life. By this project, the company will present they’re responsible for the sustainability of the environment. Furthermore, if your company wants to do the CSR program in Bali either Indonesia, please let us know.

What is Bali CSR Service Doing?

Bali CSR Service assists the company or organization to assign this social working project on this island. We help the company from layout project, co-meeting with community leader, permit assignment, logistic supply and distributed to local peoples. Moreover, we arrange the group participants to book accommodation, arrange sightseeing to the island, dinner, outbound activities and much more. Absolutely, we are very happy to welcome for those company who has an idea to do regular CSR project in Bali or another part of Indonesia.

Bali CSR Service

Pre-Project Assignment, as a result below:

  • Pre-survey or inspection site to get the proper aim target or venues for social activities
  • Co-meeting with respective community leader
  • Arrange the paperwork to get an official permission from the respective local community leader
  • Appointing venues based on aim target as well as budget and furthermore

Project Assignment, as a result below:

  • Assign program layout
  • Determining the event budget and furthermore

Logistic Arrangement, as a result below:

  • Purchase all logistical aims, tools and other support materials
  • Delivery logistic aim to the aim targeted
  • Delivery logistic for all group participants including local supporter
  • Distributing the logistic aim and furthermore

Other Services Related at Bali CSR Service, as a result below:

  • Transportation for participants from and to social activity venues
  • Accommodation arrangement for participant and furthermore

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