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Bali Cycling Adventures offers several mountain cycling adventure packages provided by renowned adventure companies in Bali. The cycling adventure package takes us on an amazing experience to explore Bali’s nature. Furthermore, the adventures will invite us to enjoy nature with fresh tropical air while exercising. Also, we can see the lives of friendly Balinese people in the countryside with their social activities. And in fact, the waving of hands and friendly smiles from school children can be found throughout the trip. Meanwhile, the scenery of green rice fields along this cycling adventure will add an impression on your holiday in Bali. Your Bali cycling adventure will stop at a restaurant with a gourmet lunch.

Best Bali Cycling Adventures passes Mountain and Rice Paddy

Bali Cycling Adventures provides an opportunity for you to choose the cycling track you like. Furthermore, Bali has many cycling trails that are on this entire island. Some of the popular trails are the Kintamani track, the village track and the Jatiluwih rice terrace. Meanwhile, many cycling companies offer this kind of activity. However, we only work with experienced cycling companies and have a high commitment to customer service. So, only a few cycling companies can join us and can achieve satisfaction for our customers. On the other hand, you can find our cycling products that work with companies with a good reputation on this site.

Sobek Adventure Cycling

IDR 720,000
per person

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Sobek Cycling Adventures

Sobek Adventure provides cycling adventures from Kintamani hill and ends in Ubud. This mountain biking adventure will descend the sloping land trajectory through bamboo forests and enter beautiful rural areas. Your trip will be very enjoyable because you will explore the pure nature of Bali. Also, you can stop at several points of interest during the trip. You will also stop at a temple where the cycling guide will comprehensively provide information about the temple. Meanwhile, the cycling guide from Sobek Adventure is an experienced guide and will guide you during the trip. Your cycling adventure will be an amazing memory in your vacation in Bali. Furthermore

Mason Adventures – Batur Trail Cycling

mason adventures logo

IDR 825,000
per person

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Mason Cycling Adventure

Mason Adventures provides complete adventure activities in Bali. It is a well-known adventure company in Bali. This company provides more popular cycling adventures with Mountain Biking. Your cycling adventure will start from Kintamani Hill and down through the hills until you stop at the Taro elephant park. You will enjoy a beautiful natural atmosphere with a panorama of Mount Batur before the adventure begins. On the other hand, you will explore the villages along the way and witness the lifestyle of Balinese people in the village. At the end of your adventure, you will enter an elephant sanctuary with Sumatran elephants that are cared for by international standards of animal care. A cycling adventure with Mason Adventure is a unique journey with 3 adventure experiences that make your holiday different. Furthermore

A True Bali Experience Cycling

IDR 795,000
per person

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A True Bali Experience Cycling

This adventure company offers 3 different cycling trails in Bali. This famous adventure company provides the best service for all its customers with good facilities and friendly cycling guides. And also, they have experienced since 1995 that will guide you to explore the beautiful nature of Bali. You can choose from 3 cycling trails that are available and according to your wishes. The cycling track includes Kintamani cycling, Carangsari Village Cycling Trail and Jatiluwih Cycling Trail. Each of these tracks has its special features and will make your cycling experience memorable. So, this is truly a rich choice in Bali cycling adventure. Furthermore

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