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Bali Event Planners Bali Star Island collaborates with Bali Group Organizer to serve and organize all your events in Bali. We are committed to doing our best service so that your event is successful. In addition, our services include Team Building, Golf Tournaments, Meetings, Conventions, and others. In addition, our team in a professional manner will work on all activities so that the program runs smoothly. Therefore, to optimize your program, we are happy to hold discussions before the event so that everything is in your order.

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Bali Event Organizer

Bali Event Planners Foundations, as a result below:

  1. The main basis of our team in organizing events is high technology and the latest equipment to support speed, effectiveness and efficiency in communication and work.
  2. Team members who are creative, innovative and energetic, are our valuable assets.
  3. Open and proactive communication between departments is the key to success in handling an event.
  4. A pre-event meeting and thorough preparation is a must for our personnel to understand job descriptions with special specifications so that it will make the event a success.

Business headline of Bali Event Planners

Meetings and Conferences

Our professional teams will work with all vendors to arrange the course of your group meeting to reach the goal. Furthermore, the detailed information please click here

Incentive Group

The Incentive Group Program is a program created specifically for your group activities to get success. Our Bali Event Planner will assign it properly. Furthermore, detailed information please click here

Team Building

Bali Event Planners will engage you in fun games with the aim of improving mentality, togetherness, leadership, and more. Furthermore, detail information please click here

Golf Tournament

There are five golf courses in Bali that are ready to serve your golf tournament activities. We arrange all activities in this tournament to get success. Furthermore, detail information please click here


We arrange your wedding to be a special moment once in this life. Bali Event Planner teams will conduct the event with enthusiasm so that your event becomes a success. Furthermore, detail information please click here

Educational Trips

Bali Event Planners organize an Educational Travel Program for all student groups. In this program, the concept of education to study local culture is the most important thing. Furthermore, detail information please click here

Unique Tours

We design tours that are unique and specific to your group. You will find new experiences in life on this tour and we are sure you will love it. Furthermore, detail information please click here

Product Launching

We support every new product that will be launched in Bali. Our Bali Event Planner Team will train all members from the initial preparation of this event, complete the licensing and Furthermore


We collaborate with exhibition management and inventory rooms to meet your needs. In this case, we provide services for lighting, stage, entertainment and others. Furthermore, detail information please click here

Souvenirs and Gifts

Do you need souvenirs for your participants? We offer a choice of souvenirs or gifts with unique Balinese characteristics. Please contact us if you need a souvenir with a special design. Furthermore, detail information please click here

Event Production Support

We work with reliable support vendors to supply all of your needs in your event in Bali. Your satisfaction will be the pride of our team. Furthermore, detail information please click here

Party and Gala Dinner

We arrange your party dinner or Gala Dinner in an attractive place with special decorations and live entertainment. Furthermore, detail information please click here

Event Planners, Meeting and Conference

As a reliable Bali Event Planner, Bali Star Island has good cooperative relationships with all vendors such as hotels, restaurants, transportation and other supporting events in Bali. Therefore, we provide Meeting Venues references for your upcoming meetings or conferences that are equipped with participant capacity information.

Bali Adventures

Beside of our main products, We also provide booking services for all activities in Bali Adventures.

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We available live chat through Whats app and LINE




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Our professional Bali Event Planning Team provides the best services for group meetings, conferences, conventions and seminars. We work passionately to support so that your event becomes a success. Furthermore


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Bali Event Organizer offers a selection of unique Incentive Group programs. This program will give the impression that your business is successful and staff can enjoy a pleasant holiday. Furthermore


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We provide a complete Team Building Program to refresh your mind. Employees from companies or organizations will get experience about teamwork, leadership, solving problems and Furthermore


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The Bali Event Organizer Team offers the best service to all tournament participants to enjoy playing on the course. We are experienced how to organize the tournament ensure you get a success. Furthermore


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The Bali Event Planner professionally serves educational group trips or student tours collaborated with holidays and education. This program will encourage students to fulfil their holiday needs and also get socializing, adventure and holiday experiences. Furthermore


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We serve CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility programs for companies or organizations that want to do social activities during your event in Bali. Some choices of CSR programs that we provide will be able to fulfil your company’s goals. Furthermore


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We provide a variety of comprehensive services for wedding ceremonies in a place that suits both of you. Also, we organize your wedding party to celebrate this special moment. Furthermore


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We help you to organize gala parties and dinners with special themes. This event will adjust to the needs and budget you plan. We will design a gala dinner with special layouts and decorations to meet your theme at very competitive prices. In addition, we can provide entertainment and Furthermore

Optional Activities During Group Events

Bali Tours and Sightseeing in Bali, as a result below:

We provide a variety of Tours options for your group participants while in Bali. Moreover, it is also suitable for spouse programs.

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Bali Tours

Bali Events planner arranges as a result below:

Products and Tours contents, instead of CSR Bali