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Bali Exhibition Organizer provides event supporters from exhibitions throughout Bali Island. We work together with many exhibition venues with their features, spaces and access. Therefore, it will give more opportunities between buyers and suppliers to meet for business trading. Furthermore, Bali Star Island was one of the established event planners in Bali and was appointed as Bali Exhibition Organizer able to organize the trade shows with complete event supporters such as booths, lighting, sound system, stage, partisans, chairs, tables, MC, entertainment until event permit. This service will support and maximize business and networking opportunities on both sides. And also, the exhibition can be extended through the associated conferences, seminars or special events. Bali Exhibition Organizer provides a comprehensive range of exhibition services such as organizing, setting up the booths, layout design and provides exhibition support. We are happy to welcome the communication for a custom exhibition to meet the buyer’s and supplier’s needs.

Bali Exhibition Organizer Offers Exhibition Venues

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Bali Exhibition Organizer is working together with many exhibition venues in Bali Island. Each of the event venues is featured by complete public facilities, good access, visibility and strategic location. In addition, Bali as a tourist destination features with world-class exhibition venues, comfortable and luxury. It gives the value-added for buyers and suppliers who join the exhibition. We widely open communication to assign and set the exhibition to meet your needs and match the buyer’s targets. There are many exhibition venues available throughout the island. Therefore, please feel free to contact us to arrange it.

Design and Layout

It is absolutely free for you to design and making a layout  for the exhibition in order to meet your requirements. Bali Exhibition Organizer offers flexible service to arrange, design and setting the events and you will closely work with our professional team to design your exhibition event.

Services and Facilities of Bali Exhibition Organizer

  • Exhibition design
  • Electric power supply
  • Layout setting team
  • Logistic supply
  • Transportation
  • Documentation
  • Official permits arrangement
  • Empowerment including security, traders and all supporter events
  • Equipment and event product supports
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Bali Exhibition Service

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