Who’s know that Bali is the most romantic island in the world

Many couple glance Bali for honeymoon because it’s one of the most romantic place in the world. We know that local people are welcome and friendly, is always help in any ways. Moreover, the beach on Bali is spectacular in white sandy meanwhile black sandy at west north coast. That wasn’t enough. People offers daily Hindu’s ceremony in unique culture perform that the island is harmony. Can foreigner integrate to local people ? Yes they can. Balinese never discriminate the color who are you. They respect each other, hence local or foreign tourist would be treated well. Still doubt to Bali for your honeymoon holiday? No doubt, book your ticket now and fly to Bali soon. If you need more further information just click here. Couple to Bali

What optional activities is suit for Honeymoon couple

Bali for honeymoon

Bali has a lot of optional activities for family or couple. For those who like beach, marine activities is available. If the couple like green and nature, light adventure such as village cycling is suit for them. Moreover, teamwork activity such as cooking class, water rafting could be best choice for them. Have you ever dream to be one of Honeymoon couple in Bali ? If so, please see this Honeymoon package in Bali here, trust you will be interested in. Special Package for Honeymoon

A private romantic space is necessary for couple

Honeymoon couple in Bali

Honeymoon in Bali would be more perfect if they stay at private space. Yes, it is very necessary for them. What accommodation is suit for romantic moment? Bali has huge range of private space such as private villa or suite room. Couple will enjoy the moment when the villa is equipped with private swimming pool. The villas are facing to ocean or jungle would be a great option. Furthermore, private romantic dinner at white sandy beach is the most popular choice among other. Wanna to stay at private villa with pool ? Look on this package, your desire were in. Honeymoon Villa package

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