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Bali Gallery Information provides Bali Photo Galleries and Event of Calendar. Hence, this galley page purpose to give more pictures about Bali Island. This island is a small island located in the tropical area and a part of Indonesia archipelago. Bali is a very beautiful island with its very friendly people and always greet you with their warm greeting on every your visit to Bali. This island has been famous as a favourite tourist destination in the world since ever. The island is well featured by the beautiful panorama, its coast is beautiful with the white sand, the wave is very good for surfing and the people are friendly. In this site provides the pictures about Bali covering the Calendar of Event, Information, Pictures Gallery and other about Bali you can find here.

Calendar of Events Information, as a result below:

Bali Temple Ceremony 2009
Please find out the Hindu Temple Ceremony during the year 2009 and furthermore

Bali Temple Ceremony 2007
It is provided complete information about the Calendar of Bali Temple Festival in 2007 and furthermore

Bali Hindu Holidays 2007
Balinese which most of them are Hindu has own the big holiday every 6 month based on Bali Calendar and more

Bali and Indonesia National Holidays 2007
Please find out the list of holiday in Indonesia during 2007 based on the Indonesia Government statement and more

International Event in Bali
Bali as a tourism places has provides international facilities to serve the International Event, please visit the International Event in Bali here, furthermore

Bali Gallery Information Photos, as a result below:

Balinese Ceremony Photo Galleries – Bali Gallery Information, as a result below:

Why Bali Photo Gallery is important?

Bali star Island offers new products of Bali photo gallery. While you see the photo on gallery you will have desire to see more the place on the photo. For the reason that Bali Star Island publish unique photo gallery to prospective tourists. Is you one of those people it is right time to see more of our pictures. Bali Photo Gallery contents of Balinese traditional culture photos, Balinese people life and many others.  Also, photos of Bali landscape and beach are appeared at this gallery too. In addition, we guide of prospective tourist to go on their willing through various of photos. Because, through this gallery we can arrange their tours or packages to what they like. Furthermore, please click one of the links you will get nice pics there.

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