5 Best Bali Golf Courses Offer Fantastic Golf Experiences

Bali Golf Courses offers an exciting golf package at 5 famous golf courses to play golf in Bali. All of our golf packages will give you an amazing experience to explore beautiful golf courses. Also, you will enjoy the challenges of each of the golf courses that have been designed by world golf designers. Meanwhile, the beauty of the landscape in the 5 best Bali golf courses with green grass, tropical trees and its geography will make the golfers more comfortable. Likewise, caddies who have experience will help each golfer and guide them while playing golf. Also, Bali has provided a different golf course location to accommodate golfer needs. 4 golf courses are in the coastal area while the others are in the mountainous area.

5 Best Bali Golf Courses That Golfers Love it

Golfer who is on vacation in Bali will feel less when not playing golf. Therefore, playing golf is a dream for a golfer while enjoying a holiday on the island of the gods. Subsequently, there are 5 best courses have always been the prime places for the golfers. The 5 golf courses include Bali National Golf, New Kuta Golf, Bukit Pandawa Golf, Bali Handara and Bali Beach Golf Course. All golf courses are equipped with 18 holes but only the Bali Beach Golf Course has 9 holes. However, this does not weaken the desire for golfer to play golf. They remain enthusiastic and enthusiastic because each golf course has its advantages and unique design. So, they will get different challenges from each of the golf courses.

Bali National Golf

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IDR 1,999,000

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It is one of the beautiful 5 best located in Nusa Dua. A Robin Nelson and Rodney Wright designed Hawaiian-styled golf course, Bali National Golf Club re-opened in 2014 after undergoing extensive renovations. Bali National Golf club will offer visitors a truly unique golfing experience because of the fantastic setting of the course. This beautifully designed Golf Course offers an extraordinary challenge for every golfer with fresh tropical air surrounding it. Meanwhile, its strategic location in the elite resort area of Nusa Dua and close to the airport is the most favorite golf course. For that, it’s time you have to get off the field and swing your club in this green field. By following this link, you will find a more complete page of Bali National Golf HERE.

New Kuta Golf – Golf Link Resort Group

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New Kuta Golf

IDR 1,800,000

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New Kuta Golf

New Kuta Golf is the first links-style layout in Indonesia. This Course is located on the 85 hectares land right on the limestone cliff with a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, NirwanaGolf is a great golf course with 18 holes within 20 minutes drive from Bali’s International Airport to the southern part of Bali with magnificent of sunset. New Kuta Golf is designed with four of tees for each of the 18 holes there’s enough variety to ensure a satisfying for all skill levels. Furthermore, you can view more New Kuta Golf HERE.

Handara Golf and Resort Bali

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IDR 1,300,000

hole 6, handara, bali, golf, resort, bedugul, golf courses, handara golf, handara golf resort, golf resort bali, bedugul golf, bedugul golf course
Bali Handara Golf

Handara Golf and Resort Bali are the only 5 best courses in the mountain and sightseeing area with beautiful panorama of Tamblingan Lake. It’s location in the plateau area of Bedugul Bali. Meanwhile, the cool temperature surround. Meanwhile, the green rain forest covers your view from the course hence making your golf experiences are more enjoyable and full fun. The world-class of golf tournament have been executed in this place and serve with the professional staff and caddy who guide you on your lovely golf game. Furthermore, details information please click here

Bukit Pandawa Golf

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bukit pandawa, bukit pandawa golf

Bukit Pandawa Golf is the latest golf of the 5 best courses that are on the limestone hill. This golf course is very unique with a beautiful design and has high challenges for golfers. Likewise, this golf course has been equipped with 18 holes spread throughout a beautiful field with sea views. However, this golf course has 3 par maximum but is very difficult to conquer by golfers who have medium or large level handicaps. Moreover, beginners will get a high challenge here because of its unique design. The terrain of the golf course varies as well as the speed of the sea breeze will make it difficult for the golfer. So, this golf course will provide a different experience from other courses.

Bali Beach Golf Course

bali beach golf, logo

IDR 1,200,000

Short under tree, bali, sanur, golf, course, bali beach, bali beach golf, sanur golf, bali beach golf course, sanur golf course
Bali Beach Golf Course

This Course is at the luxury environment of very mature in Sanur. Likewise, leafy tropical trees and green fields have made this golf course very well known to golfers. Unlike other Courses, this Bali Beach Golf Course has 9 holes with quite difficult challenges. Besides that, the location is very close to Denpasar City and everywhere makes this golf course ideal for golfers who don’t have much time. This golf course is just finished constructing all greens to add the aesthetic beauty of the course. It provides challenges to all golfers of all skill levels. Furthermore, you can see more detail HERE.

Nirwana Bali Golf and Country Club

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(is under renovation)

hole 7 nirwana bali golf

Nirwana Bali Golf Club is a visual masterpiece of dramatic ocean views and lush Balinese landscapes. On the other hand, Greg Norman has designed this golf course offers a spectacular challenge and a unique world-class experience for golfers of all skill levels. Meanwhile, Nirwana Bali Golf Club is the most beautiful Bali golf course among other 5 best Bali Golf Courses. This Bali Golf Course is set in the rice field on the coastal side of Tanah Lot Beach. Furthermore, you can view more Best Golf Course of Nirwana Bali HERE.

Bali Golf Packages Throughout Bali Golf Courses

We are proud to offer the popular Bali golf packages with attractive golf benefits. These golf packages are well designed to accommodate the golfer needs with a simple way to book the golf courses with complete benefits as well as reasonable prices. Our golf packages cover all golf courses in Bali Island and combined with interesting benefits.

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