Bali Hindu Temple Photo Gallery Presenting Best Selection Pictures of Balinese Pura

Bali Hindu Temple Photo Gallery is collecting the best pictures of Hindu temples or Balinese Pura in Bali Island. Furthermore, Hindu Religion is the biggest religions in Bali Island since ever. Meanwhile, the other populations are Islam, Christian, Catholic and Buddhist.  The Bali Hindu believes the Siva Hindu Stream which is well known as Ciwashidanta. Because, it is reflecting to the shrine building, praying procedure and offerings. Hindu religions are come from India and firstly arrive in Java and then expand to Bali. The Hindu temple building in Bali is adapting to the local culture and architecture where the Balinese previously believe the similar stream before the Hindu come. In addition, we provide the selected photos of Bali Hindu Temple on the photo gallery and you can enlarge it to view in details.

Bali Hindu Temple Photo Gallery

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