Popular Bali Adventure Activities – Bali Horse Riding Adventures

Bali Horse Riding Adventures is an exciting Tourist Adventure Activity to ride a healthy horse and explore the pure nature in Bali. It will explore the beautiful scenery passing through the beautiful beach. These Bali Horse Riding Adventures are very impressive experiences to ride a horse as well as explore pure nature. Meanwhile, the horses existing at the horse camp are the best selection for horseback riding. Moreover, it has been trained, tame and healthy to ensure that you will feel comfortable during the trip. It is the best time for you to enjoy romantic horseback riding through the natural environment with an exotic panorama. Therefore, Bali Star Island is proud to offer Bali Horse Riding Adventures as the popular Bali Adventure Activities for tourists on the paradise island of Bali.

Bali Horse Riding Adventures – Favorite Bali Adventure Activities

Bali Island is perfect to go for adventures since the island pamper all guests with attractive tourist adventure activities. Furthermore, Bali Horse Riding Adventures is the most favourite adventures in the island that captivate them to enjoy this adventure. There are couples of horse stables provide these adventures to ride a tame horse to explore the exotic horse riding track. The professional and experienced horse riding instructor will keep and accompany you during the trip. Meanwhile, the beautiful natures with the exotic ambience of each stable are the credits for you to enjoy this memorable trip.

Are you the beginner?

Bali host riding has professional staff or jockey who will lead you during the tour. The jockey known very well of their horse character, hence they can choose the right horse for you. Even though you never have experience how to ride the horse, they will teach you until you sit alone with the horse.

Bali Horse Riding

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IDR 790,000
per person

Bali Horse Riding provides you with the experiences that you will never forget to ride the horse with the best choice of healthy and tame horses. It is one of the companies to provide well-maintained horse stable located in Saba Beach. Moreover, the length of track reach 10 km stretches on a black sand beach with panoramic ocean and sea breeze. Therefore, it is an ideal place to experience the horse riding adventure with a professional guide to accompany your journey. Furthermore

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