Indonesia Travel Information Provides Bali Island Geographic Setting on Indonesia Archipelagos

Bali Island Geographic is situated in the Indonesia Archipelagos in line with another island such as Java, Lombok and Flores. It is one of the provinces in Indonesia sitting in between Java Island and Lombok Island. The North of the island is surrounded by Bali Sea, in the east limited by Lombok Strait. Furthermore, in the south limited by the Indian Ocean and in the west is limited by Bali Strait. Bali Province is covering five islands such as Bali Island, Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Lembongan Island, Nusa Ceningan Island and Menjangan Island. The scope of the island is about 5.632,86 kilometres square. Base on the administration, Bali consists of 8 districts, 53 sub-districts, and 674 villages.

Other Views of Bali Island

Bali Island is a strategic area because this area is connecting the transportation between Java and other islands in the east of Bali Island (Nusa Tenggara). Bali is also located between Asia and Australia. Furthermore,  Geographically in the centre of Bali, some mount spread out on this island like Agung Mount (3.142 meters) Gunung Batur (1.717 meters), Abang Mount (2.152 meters) and Batukaru Mount (2.276 meters). Beside of mountain, Bali also has some lakes like Batur Lake (1.605 Ha), Beratan Lake (375,6 Ha), Buyan Lake (336 Ha) and Tamblingan Lake (110 Ha). In addition, the temperature is about 24,0° C – 30,8° C and the humidity is about 79%.

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