Bali Island Information

Bali Island Information

Bali Island Information is All About the Islands – Indonesia Tourism

Bali Island Information provides complete information about Bali focusing to Bali tourism. Further reference, Bali Island is a small island and a part of Indonesia Archipelagos. It is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world with a lot of fascinations that why tourist visit Bali. You can find many things as well as unique in this island. Moreover, this island with a lot of interesting things such as the cultures, Balinese life, beautiful coast, mountain, hotels and others. Meanwhile, the majority of populations are Balinese Hindu with their active and attractive ritual in daily social life style. Therefore, this page consist of complete information about the island. In addition, the tourists can easily find the tourist attractions such as performance, adventures activities, beautiful beaches and furthermore.

Discover Paradise of Bali Island

There are many things that we can find in Bali such as unique cultures, customs, social life, places of interest, hotels and tourists attraction. Therefore, this page will guides you to find detail information, so that your trips become more easier to discover of Bali Island.


about bali, bali island, indonesia, tourism, about bali island, about bali information, indonesia tourismIt is provided complete information about Bali that is focus to view Bali Island from kind of aspects.

Bali Travel Tips

visit indonesia, bali, indonesia, bali indonesia, travels, tips, travel tips, bali travel tips, indonesia travel tipsBefore visiting Bali Island, you should know tips to travel to Bali.Furthermore information please click the link.

Indonesian Embassy

indonesian embassy, indonesia, indonesia embassy, indonesia embassy officewhen you decide to ask of immigration procedure or want to apply entry visa to Indonesia, please contact Indonesian Embassy at your country. Furthermore, details contact address of Indonesian embassy you can click the link.

Bar and Restaurant

bars information, bali bars, bali restaurants, bali travel guidesWe recommend Bar and Restaurant in Bali for your selection food as well as beverage with your fanatic cuisine as the links mentions.

Tours and Sightseeing

tanah lot, bali, temple, rock, sea, tanah lot bali, tanah lot temple, bali temple on rock, placesYou can discover the complete Bali tours to visit the famous places of interest throughout the Island. Further reference please find information of tourist object on the links above.

Gallery Information

photo gallery, bali, gallery, photos, bali gallery, bali gallery information, photo galleriesIt is provided the specific information about Bali , events in Bali , the Balinese Calendar, Photo Galleries and more

Conculate in Bali

indonesia, bali, consulate, office, foreign consulate offices, consulate office, bali consulate offices, travel information, indonesia travel informationIt is available the list foreign consulate office in Bali that you may arrange your travel documents.

Hospital in Bali

bali, emergency, rescue, hospital, medical center, clinic, emergency rescue, bali emergency rescueIt is available the emergency information in Bali for your reference and information during your holiday in paradise island of Bali.

Shopping Center in Bali

It is provided the list recommended shops in Bali for your shopping day during your vacation in Bali.

Map of Bali

route map, gii gili map, boat transfers, gili gili, boats, bali, gili island, lombok, island, transports, gili gili, gili gili fast boat, lombok boat transportsIt is available Bali Island Map Information including some regions in Bali . The maps are included the main road for your travel guide.

Adventure and Activities

pertiwi quad, pertiwi quad ayung rafting, pertiwi quad ayung rafting package, ayung rafting package, bali adventure packagesThe most exciting adventure activities can be found here with favorite selection based on your desire, timing and prices.

About Us

bali star, bali star island, company profileIt is available information about our profile company from the address, staffs, message from director and product

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