The ancient Balinese life until Y Generation

Bali nowadays is featuring that tourism affect the peoples from all aspects of life. We knew that tourism in was growing since 1980 where most of Balinese worked as farmer. People who live at village knows each other very well, hence they have strong relationship between each other. Furthermore, basic contour that they are friendly, helpful and welcome everyone to who arrive at the island. Thus, foreigners are happy to integrate with Balinese people and feel safe staying around. Surely, tourism is growing rapidly year by year. So, is Balinese life affected by tourism ?

Balinese life before tourism is growing

ancient Balinese life

Peoples at village work at rice field to produce rice, vegetables while coastal peoples live as fisherman. Furthermore, peoples at mountainside produce coffee, glove and spice. Yes, the land is almost fertile and everything can grow at this island. Since tourism in peak business peoples leave the village to work a tourist resort that change the livelihood. Now, more than 75% young people wants to keep the livelihood at tourism sector.

Does Balinese Culture change

Hindu’s religion is wrapped with very unique and strong culture. Half of their life is offering to God, family and social community. Hence, people is respect to all of God, human and other sentient being to make the live balanced. That concept is is embedded to whole family so that, their mind is not change even though live become more busy. Does Y generation of Balinese ignore after social life is changed. No it doesn’t, Y generation still hold the culture and never lost the basic concept. All the more, Y generation is more attractive to practice of Gamelan and dance group, doing ceremony festival and other.

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