3 Top Bali Sea Walk Adventures Offers Fantastic Underwater Tours

Bali Sea Walk Adventures provides sensations and experiences of walking in the water at 3 different dive sites in Bali. Furthermore, this underwater tour will provide an amazing experience for you during your vacation in Bali. You will walk us on the seafloor by using special helms supplied with fresh air constantly. So, you can breathe freely in the water and see a crowd of colourful fish and beautiful coral reefs. Your dive trip does not require a diving certificate because you will always be guided by experienced instructors. So, Bali Sea Walk Adventures is a fun tourist attraction and will provide memorable memories. Therefore, you should contact our team immediately and we will provide an answer as soon as possible.

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3 Top Bali Sea Walk Adventures will take you to diving and walking experiences in 3 different places in Bali. Each of the 3 Top Bali Sea Walk Adventures has its special features that will give different sensations. However, the concept of this underwater tour will take you to an exclusive tour of your vacation so far. This is a truly enjoyable tour where you can meet and see colourful fish in the sea. Besides that, you will be able to see other marine life like the beauty of coral reefs on this tour. Oxygen that is continuously supplied to a special helmet will make it easier for you to breathe in the sea. This tour is provided at a special pontoon located on a famous dive site in Bali. And also, this tour runs for 25 minutes with professional dive instructors who always accompany.

Meanwhile, safety equipment will be available well, so your Bali Sea Walk Adventures experience will be full of memories. Also, we have provided a choice of 3 Top Bali Sea Walk Adventures that have worked with us for more than a decade. They have good records and a high commitment to customer service.


IDR 799,000

per person

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Bali Seawalker

Seawalker is one of the underwater tour companies and is also a pioneer of the top 3 Bali Sea Walk Adventures. Furthermore, they provided this underwater tour in Sanur for more than 2 decades. We will invite you to explore the beauty of the underwater and take a walk with the fish in this dive site. On the other hand, Sea Walker will provide your experience of walking on the blue seafloor for 25 minutes. Also, they provide complete facilities such as lockers, changing rooms, briefing rooms, showers to towels. All personnel here have been well trained and always prioritize safety. So, this tour is ideal for those who like underwater tours. But you don’t need to worry if you can’t swim. Because this underwater tour is safe with international standard facilities.



Sea Star Walker is one of the famous Bali Sea Walk Adventures provides the fantastic underwater tours with freeflow fresh air through the safety helmet bases in Tanjung Benoa Beach. Meanwhile, the beach is very famous as a water sports centre in Bali Island. Furthermore, you will enjoy your trip to discover the beautiful underwater and experience to meet the colourful fishes closely. Therefore, it is a perfect time for you that you can combine this underwater tour with other marine water sport activities.


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IDR 877,000
per person

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Bali Marine Walk

Bali Marine Walk is one of the exclusive underwater tours to take you to explore the underwater world in Lembongan. Because this underwater tour will provide a diving experience with colourful fish and sea underwater life in clear water. Also, you can enjoy a cruise using a fast boat from Sanur Beach to Lembongan round trip. On the other hand, you will be able to enjoy safe underwater tours and other facilities. Meanwhile, the atmosphere of this remote island is very beautiful with amazing underwater views. Also, they always apply the first safety in this tour so that all customers feel comfortable in each of these underwater tours. Therefore, this is the best choice of 3 Top Bali Sea Walker Adventures that you must not miss during your vacation in Bali. Furthermore

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