Bali Sea Walker Provides Bali Sea Walker Frequently Ask and Questions

Bali Sea Walker Frequently Ask and Questions are the responses and clarify common questions from the customers. Furthermore, Bali Sea Walker is a fantastic underwater tour to discover the exotic undersea world in Sanur Beach. It is a simply diving activity with a maximum of 8 meters deep using a unique helmet supplied by free-flow air. Therefore, you can free-breathing and walk undersea. There are many common questions from customers toward this adventure activity and we have provided the right answer on this page. The remaining questions can be made by contacting us at our email address: or easily fill the question form at our Contact Us.

Bali Sea Walker Frequently Ask and Questions

  • Is the Seawalker safe diving?
    Yes, the Seawalker is safe diving activity where it is designed  with world class safety arrangement
  • Do I need to have a qualification to take this part of  Seawalker?
    No, you do not need  any previous experience or training
  • Do I need to know how to swim or dive?
    No, a lot of customers do not know how to swim or dive, most  of them are the first time in the ocean and all costumers will be given the  sort instruction of diving technique by the professional dive instructor.
  • How long do I go for diving and experience underwater?
    You will be completely experience within 30 minutes  underwater
  • Does anyone will accompany me during diving?
    Yes, you are absolutely be accompanied by the professional  dive instructor along do the activity underwater
  • Does the helmet is heavy and safe use?
    Yes, the helmet is a little bit happy when using above water,  however it will be lighter when we use underwater. It is safe.
  • My children and I are not strong enough, can we still do it?
    Yes, the helmet at Seawater is designed with 12 pound weight  underwater, so even children as young as ten can give a try
  • Can I use my glasses during diving?
    Yes, you can use it and no problem due it will be not wet  even you hear.
  • Can I bring my own camera and take photos during diving?
    Yes, you can bring you own camera or video as long as it  must constructed by water resistance minimum of 8 meters.

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