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Bali Shopping Places has many unique presentable things to bring home as a souvenir. Balinese people are very creative to create the value thing like handicrafts, souvenirs, gold, silver etc. They are full of innovations and imaginations toward the earth and create plenty of high-value artwork. it has been exported all over the world. Innovations and imaginations have been poured into the media. It has produced high artwork like pictures, wood carving, jewellery, art material, stone carving and a lot more. You can easy to locate good shops and shopping malls. It offers valuable thing and here we guide you to find some of them.

Bali Shopping Center

Nusa Dua

Bali Collection at Nusa Dua is a perfect place to shop and it is build on the right place  in the center of the elite resort area. There are many good shops offering attractive valuable thing like t-shirt, cloth, souvenirs, handicraft and others. Restaurant and bars are also available in this place that completes it as a shopping center in Nusa Dua Bali. Other small shops along the road to the close village in Nusa Dua are offering the same thing with competitive prices.


Kuta is well know as a center of tourist activities in Bali provides plenty of good shops sell the tourist needs, shopping mall, bars, restaurants and pub. The biggest shopping mall is available in this place and offering the beautiful thing that the tourist need. Furthermore, there are two big shopping malls in Kuta offering innovative items like Matahari Square and Centro.


Ubud is well known the center of artwork in Bali. There are several traditional art market around Ubud Village are selling the multifarious of artwork for souvenir. The Location of Ubud Art market is strategically in the center of Ubud. Furthermore, this is offering plenty of handicrafts which you can bring home for souvenir.

What are you looking for in Bali for souvenir?


Celuk Village is a place to visit where a lot of gold shops available in this place like Sari Dewi Art Shop and etc. These shops offer multifarious of gold and silversmith like rings, bangle, mother of pearl, necklace, earring and furthermore.


Mas Village is a place to visit where you can find many galleries sell the wood carving with high value. The Siadja Gallery offers plenty of the wood carving you need.


Ubud is the perfect place to visit and it available plenty of painting galleries. It is offer the world’s class painting with multifarious of media, style and type and furthermore


There are many art shop sell the several of handicraft available in Bali from Nusa Dua until Ubud Area.

Bali Shopping Center List, as a result below:

Shop’s Name Location Product Selling
Bali Collection Nusa Dua Various
Nanami Art Shop Jimbaran Various of Handicraft
Ashitaba Jimbaran Traditional bag
Extreme Toys Jimbaran Surfing equipment, sun glasses etc
Centro and furthermore Kuta Shopping mall
Matahari Square Kuta Shopping mall
S & W Batubulan Village Various of Handicraft
Sari Dewi Celuk Village Gold and Silver
Melati Celuk Village Gold and Silver
Siadja Mas Village Wood Carving
Semar Kuning Ubud Painting
Dian Lestari and furthermore Ubud Painting

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