Bali Museum: A Journey Through Time – Unveiling Treasures, Tales, and Cultural Splendors

Bali Museum is a local institution dedicated to preserving prehistoric and historical artefacts associated with Bali Island. Our mission is to safeguard the rich local cultures from the influences of modernity. We are conveniently situated on Major Wisnu Street in Denpasar, Bali. The museum is a vital repository of Bali’s cultural heritage.

Strategically positioned on the north side of the museum is the magnificent Jagatnatha Temple, enhancing the cultural significance of our location. The Puputan Badung (Badung Courtyard) and the iconic Catur Muka Statue adorn the front, providing a captivating setting for visitors.

The government has played a pivotal role in the museum’s development since the motivation is the imperative to breathe life into the heritage of Balinese culture. Our commitment involves the meticulous care, preservation, and maintenance of these cultural treasures. This initiative arose from a genuine concern for the potential erosion of our cultural identity and to prevent the complete disappearance of these invaluable heritage items, leaving only photographs and documentation behind.

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Bali Museum

Address Jl. Mayor Wisnu No. 1, Dangin Puri, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80232
Phone (0361) 222680
Managed by UPTD
Opening Time
  • Sunday – Thursday: 08.00–15.00
  • Friday: 08.00–12.30
  • Saturday and public holidays: CLOSED
  • Prehistoric object collections
  • History era collections
  • Ethnography object collection


General Information

Bali Museum stands as a cultural beacon in the heart of Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. Founded in 1910 by the Dutch scholar W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp, the museum aims to preserve and showcase the diverse cultural heritage of Bali. Its architectural magnificence reflects a harmonious blend of Balinese and European styles, offering visitors a visual feast even before entering the museum’s halls.


The history of the Bali Museum traces back to the early 20th century, when Nieuwenkamp, captivated by Bali’s cultural richness, envisioned a space to safeguard its treasures. Over the years, the museum expanded its collections, becoming a vital institution for preserving and promoting Bali’s cultural legacy. Today, it is a testament to the island’s enduring commitment to heritage conservation and cultural education.

The Highlight

The highlight of the Bali Museum lies in its impressive architecture and role as a custodian of Bali’s cultural identity. The museum comprises four main buildings, each representing different historical periods, from prehistoric times to the Majapahit and Gelgel kingdoms. Strolling through these exhibits offers a comprehensive understanding of Bali’s evolution and dynamic cultural landscape.

The Collections

Bali Museum boasts diverse collections, including intricately crafted traditional ceremonial masks, ancient tools, textiles, and archaeological artefacts. Notable highlights include a stunning collection of prehistoric sarcophagi, ritual objects, and exquisite Balinese paintings that glimpse the island’s artistic prowess. The museum’s dedication to preserving tangible and intangible heritage solidifies its place as a cultural reservoir for future generations.

Visit Bali Museum

A visit to the Bali Museum is a journey into the heart of Bali’s vibrant culture. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a history buff, or a traveller seeking a deeper connection with Bali, this museum promises an enriching and immersive experience.

Discover Bali Tourist Attractions Nearby

Bali Museum is a prominent destination among Bali’s tourist attractions, offering a cultural odyssey that transcends time. Plan your visit and unravel the stories woven into the fabric of Bali’s history at this iconic museum.

Embark on a cultural odyssey near the Bali Museum, where history comes alive amidst nearby treasures. Delve into spiritual serenity at Jagatnatha Temple, then traverse the vibrant stalls of Badung Traditional Market for an authentic local experience. Immerse yourself in traditional and contemporary Balinese arts at the Bali Art Centre, and witness the symbolic struggle for independence at the Bajra Sandhi Monument. Further, enrich your journey at the sacred Sakenan Temple and find tranquillity along the golden shores of Sanur Beach. The Bali Museum and its surrounding attractions offer a captivating glimpse into the island’s heritage, weaving a narrative of cultural richness and artistic expression.

MAP of Bali Museum