Discover Lovina Beach: A Serene Oasis and Dolphin-Watching Haven in North Bali

Lovina Beach, nestled in the serene north part of Bali, is a captivating tourist haven renowned for its calm sea waters, distinctive black sand, and enchanting dolphin encounters. A morning visit to Lovina offers a magical spectacle as hundreds of dolphins gracefully emerge approximately 1 km offshore, showcasing their playful movements and impressive jumps.

Beyond the mesmerizing dolphin-watching tours, Lovina Beach unfolds as a multifaceted destination, featuring several nearby attractions that enhance its allure. The picturesque seashore, kissed by breathtaking views, envelops Lovina in a peaceful ambience, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking tranquillity. Recognizing its charm, the government has officially designated Lovina Beach as one of Bali’s cherished tourist destinations, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of this coastal gem.

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Lovina Beach

Address Jl. Seririt Singaraja, Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng District, Buleleng Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Managed by Buleleng Government
  • Dolphin-Watching Tours
  • Scenic Beachfront
  • Snorkeling and Diving
  • Sunset Serenity
  • Water Sports
  • Accommodations
  • Restaurants
  • Money Changer
  • Traditional Boat Rentals
  • Tourist Information


General Information

Lovina Beach, stretching several kilometres along Bali’s northern coast, comprises a cluster of small villages, including Kalibukbuk, Anturan, and Tukad Mungga. Unlike the bustling beaches of South Bali, Lovina exudes a peaceful charm, making it an ideal destination for travellers seeking relaxation and authentic cultural experiences.


The origin of the name “Lovina” carries a certain degree of mystery and has been subject to different narratives. According to one account, Anak Agung Panji Tisna’s son, a member of the Buleleng royal family who constructed a bungalow resort in the area, has given this beach name. He attributed the name “Lovina” to a small hotel he had encountered in India called Lafeina. While residing in Lovina, he authored a book titled “Ni Ketut Widhi,” which was translated into various languages. During this time, he decided to adopt the name of the Indian hotel for the land where his bungalow was situated.

On the contrary, an alternate version suggests that the name “Lovina” is associated with the presence of two Santen trees embracing each other. Another interpretation suggests a Latin origin: “Lovina” means “love each other.” Subsequently, this has been further interpreted as an expression of love for Indonesia. Despite the various tales surrounding its terminology, “Lovina” has become synonymous with the serene coastal beauty and unique attractions that draw visitors to this enchanting region.

The Highlights:

  • Dolphin Watching Tours: Set sail at dawn and witness the enchanting sight of dolphins frolicking in the waters of the Bali Sea, a quintessential Lovina experience that promises unforgettable memories.
  • Scenic Beachfront: Stroll along Lovina’s volcanic black sand beaches and soak in panoramic views of the sparkling ocean, framed by swaying palm trees and colourful fishing boats dotting the shoreline.
  • Snorkelling and Diving: Dive beneath the waves and discover Lovina’s diverse marine ecosystem, home to vibrant coral gardens, tropical fish, and majestic sea turtles, perfect for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.
  • Sunset Serenity: Unwind in the evening and marvel at the sunset’s kaleidoscopic hues, painting the sky in shades of orange and pink, casting a tranquil glow over the horizon.
  • Water Sports: Indulge in various water sports, including jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides, adding an element of adventure to your beachside retreat.
  • Accommodations: Choose from various accommodations, including beachfront resorts, boutique hotels, and cosy guesthouses, offering comfortable stays and warm hospitality amidst Lovina’s scenic surroundings.
  • Restaurants: Delight your palate with fresh seafood delicacies and traditional Balinese cuisine at beachfront restaurants and cafes, savouring the flavours of the island while enjoying breathtaking ocean views.
  • Money Changer: Conveniently exchange currency at local money changers, ensuring you have the necessary funds for your adventures in Lovina and beyond.
  • Traditional Boat Rentals: Rent a conventional Balinese outrigger boat and embark on a leisurely cruise along the coast, exploring hidden coves, secluded beaches, and charming fishing villages.
  • Tourist Information: Seek assistance and guidance from tourist information centres located along Lovina Beach, providing valuable insights, maps, and recommendations to help you make the most of your visit to this enchanting destination.

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MAP of Lovina Beach