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Bali Transfer Services provides airport shuttle services in Bali for both land and sea transportation. Our transportation services include airport pick-up services, transfer from the hotel to the airport and from hotel to hotel. And also, we have provided boat transportation services on the Bali – Lombok route. And even, we also provide car rental services with private drivers. So, you can freely arrange your travel plans in Bali. On the other hand, our transportation services always prioritize the safety, comfort and satisfaction of each of our customers. For this reason, all our vehicles are equipped with AC and experienced drivers. Meanwhile, we have collaborated with experienced boat operators to provide round-trip transportation services from Bali to Lombok and Gilli Island.

Bali Transport Services

We have provided transportation services in Bali with the best choices as follows:

Bali Airport Pick up Service or Bali Airport Shuttles

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We provide airport shuttle services in Bali with safe and comfortable vehicles. Our transportation services include airport pick-up and transfer to your hotel. Also, pick up at the hotel and transfer to the airport. Both of these transportation services will make it easy for you to arrange your pickup at the airport on arrival in Bali. Likewise, when you leave for the airport from the hotel. We provide transportation services every day and we will appreciate reservations in advance. Furthermore, you can get more Airport Shuttle Services Here.

Immigration Fast Track Service

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Fast track services make your movement more speedy when arriving at Bali airport. Yes, it is a good solution to release your stress after a long haul flight. Our team is ready at the airplane gate to welcome you with a clear name tag, thus easy to know.  You don’t need to stand on a long queue meanwhile our team guide you to specific immigration line. Furthermore.


Hotel to Hotel Transfers or Bali Hotel Shuttle Services

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Bali Hotel Shuttles is a hotel shuttle service in Bali. We provide this service to pick you up at the hotel and drop you off to another hotel. Our hotel shuttle services will always prioritize your safety and comfort during the trip. Knowledge of location is an absolute thing in our services. So, your trip will be more efficient and effective. Meanwhile, all our friendly and experienced drivers will take you in the right direction. Our vehicles that are full of air conditioning will make you feel comfortable during the trip. Furthermore.

Airport Transfer to all Indonesian Airport

Airport shuttle car rental

Private airport transfer which is bringing you to a hotel will make your trip easier. Wherever you landed a private car with courtesy English speaking driver will bring you to the hotel. Firstly, a warm welcome at the airport to meet you at the arrival gate then allow you to a private car. Furthermore.


Bali Car Rental Service

Airport shuttle car rental

We provide car rental services with private drivers for your transportation facilities while in Bali. This service will give you the freedom to organize your trip to Bali to your liking. You can determine your trip on the Island of the Gods at any time. And even, you can determine your travel destination according to your schedule. In addition, you can communicate with our driver to determine each of your trips. Therefore, make your travel agenda by arranging travel routes. Also, you can enjoy your transportation in private with personal arrangements. Furthermore.

Bali Boat Transport Services | Bali – Lombok – Gili Island by Boat

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Bali Boat Transport Services provides sea transportation services using fast boats. This transport service will take you from Bali to Lombok and Gilli Island round-trip. Meanwhile, a luxury boat with a friendly service will make you comfortable on the way. Safety first is a major factor in this service. So that each passenger will feel safe and comfortable during the trip. Each boat is equipped with safety equipment and will destroy your doubts to join us. On the other hand, a boat engine with great power will accelerate over the sea quickly. So, your trip will be more efficient than using air transport. You may bring your baggage with the conditions we have set. Furthermore.

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