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Bali Unique Tours is an exciting sightseeing program to discover the unique exceptional tourist activities in Bali. All tours are exclusive and private bases. It is because we want to give you more comfortable during your trips. Furthermore, Bali Unique Tours are intentionally created to respond to the client’s needs and ideally purpose for those of you who love travelling. Our tour arrangement will explore nature or visit the unique things in Bali. And also, explores the historical sites that will bring you more knowledge about the island. Also, Bali Unique Tours are arranged comfortably using our full air-conditioning vehicles driven by safe drivers. It is also led by our professional and experienced local tour guide who will outstanding offer our best quality services. Don’t miss joining the exceptional tourist activities and sightseeing program.

Our Best Choice of Bali Unique Tours with Unusual Tourist Activities

Since the government appoint Bali Island as a tourist destination, there are many beautiful places to visit as well as other beautiful cultures that tourist want to see. Therefore, there are many tourist activities for tourist such as land tour arrangements to respond to their needs. Therefore, we are glad to offer Bali Unique Tours for our clients to go for lovely trips those are designed unusual daily tours like other travel companies offered. Moreover, you can discover our best choice of unique tours on this page or contact our team to get more details.

Life Time Bali Farm Tour
IDR 1,147,000 / person

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Bali Farm Tour is one of Bali Unique Tours exclusively designed to explore the rice paddy as well as join the local farmer working on the rice field. This tour will encourage you to go down into the rice field and experience how to plant the rice and ploughing the field using the traditional tools. This tour will take you full day trip experience.

Bali Cooking Class Tour
IDR795,000/ person

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Bali Cooking Class is an exciting activity to learn how to cook Balinese cuisine. Our Balinese Cooking Lesson will take you to an exclusive experience from determining the local ingredient until plating the food. You will learn how to cook the Balinese food from making the appetizer, main course until dessert

Balinese Costume Photo Tour
IDR 526,000 / person

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Balinese Costume Photo Tour is an exclusive photo-taking tour by dressing up and wears the beautiful Balinese traditional costume. Furthermore, our Balinese Costume Photo Tour is offering you the rareness opportunity to wear the Balinese traditional clothes and makeup as beautiful as a Balinese people

Discovery Bali Handicraft Tour
IDR 675,000 / person

bali souvenir exceptional tourist activities and sightseeing program

Bali-Souvenir Sources Hunting Tour is one of the exciting Bali Unique Tours to explore Ubud Village. It will discover the Balinese create the beautiful souvenirs as an export commodity or local selling product for tourists. In addition, the tour will explore Ubud Area, the traditional village as the sources of souvenir home industries.

Bali Rural Photographic Tour
IDR 675,000 / person

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Balinese Rural Photographic Tour is one of the exciting Bali Village Tours uniquely designed to explore the deep of Balinese rural as well as discover the local people with their social life, traditions, Balinese compound or other unique things. It is the best time to join the tour for who love photographic and exploring the traditional Balinese rural.

Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour
IDR 1,282,000 / person

Unique Tours penglipuran,exceptional tourist activities and sightseeing program

Bali Ancient Village Safari Tour is one of the exciting Bali Unique Tours uniquely designed to explore the ancient village in the east part of Bali Island. If we do lucky then we can see the unique local tradition from villagers. Your trips will fully experience the ancient village with local villagers living in the Balinese compound as well as defend the strong cultures and traditions.

Bali-Royal Heritage Tour
IDR 810,000 / person

bali, royal, kingdom

Bali Royal Heritage Tour is an exciting tour to explore the heritage sites of several kingdoms in Bali Island. It is one of Bali unique tours exploring the royal heritage sites and discover the unique and historic buildings. You will discover the historical sites with a long story of each empire from the heritage buildings are still existing to see.

Ngaben Cremation Ceremony Tour
IDR877,000 / person

bali ngaben ceremony

Bali Cremation Tour is one of the exciting Bali Unique Tours exclusively designed to visit the Ngaben Ceremony. It is the unique procession of burial in Bali held by Balinese Hindu people. The tour will encourage you to see directly the procession of combustion/obsequies of the dead body in Bali with a unique ritual procession that you never been seen.

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