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Bali Wedding Dresses offers a wide variety of perfect groom and bride clothes. We also offer makeup plans for bridal couples, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Here, we invite you to make your choice of tuxedo for the groom so that you will look charming, handsome, smart and authoritative. Meanwhile, the bride can choose a beautiful trousseau that fits to her body. So, it will look elegant and pretty. You can also ask for the traditional wedding attire for a special wedding. Graceful traditional Balinese wedding attire with a modern style is an excellent choice that you can also order for the holy event. We realize that a wedding ceremony is a very important day in the life of every couple. Therefore, we are here to help you to realize the event.

International Western Style

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International Western Style, a classy wedding dress with western style and fit to your body, model and personality needs which you can find in Bali. Bali Star Island and your wedding organizer carry the selection of wedding dresses which are also covering for a wedding couple, bride, groom, bridesmaids, mother of the bride or groom, grandmothers and more. This will be in line with your plan and the selection of the right wedding venue. So, you will be able to realize your dream on this heavenly island.

Balinese Style

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The traditional Balinese wedding attire is famous for its unique style and full of beautiful and attractive decorations. The decorations are represented by gold in a series and eccentric carvings of Balinese style. Meanwhile, Balinese traditional clothing continues to grow following the development of the model. However, the clothing material still takes from local materials such as Endek, Batik and Velvet. All of the clothing materials are put together into a masterpiece of stunning Balinese traditional clothing.

So, anyone who wears these clothes will look graceful, handsome, beautiful and authoritative. The Balinese hospitality atmosphere will radiate when we use these clothes. For the groom, they will wear complete clothing ranging from unique headbands, Balinese-style clothes and sarong with a thick touch of local culture. As for the bride, you will wear beautiful decorations on your head that are full of beautiful and fragrant tropical flowers. Your body will be bound by beautiful Balinese cloth and full of local style. And at the bottom, you will wear sarong with a touch of Balinese culture.

Facial Makeup Services

Our experienced facial makeup services will provide the best service for you so that you will look beautiful. With high experience and knowledge of the basics of qualified facial makeup, they will work to make your appearance beautiful, elegant and charming. Meanwhile, to refresh your body before the wedding, we invite you to enjoy spa treatments. Spa treatment will rejuvenate and nourish your skin and body. So, this will make your appearance cheerful, uplifting, beautiful and charming.

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