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Bali Wedding Guide provides complete information about how to get married in Bali and other areas of Indonesia. This information is very important. So, every prospective bride and groom understands the procedure for the wedding in this country. And also, this information will help them to prepare important things to support the marriage process. The preparation includes the collection and submission of documents, determination of days, places, and number of invitations to the type of wedding ceremony. This is because marriage is a very important thing in a couple’s life. Many memories will be difficult for you to forget in your life. Therefore, marriage preparation is the first step and is very important for you to do.

How to Get Married in Bali and Other Regions in Indonesia?

Marriage processions in Bali and other regions in Indonesia are not difficult. By following all applicable rules, you can carry out the wedding ceremony smoothly. Therefore, Bali Wedding Guide provides important information about how to get married in Bali and other regions in Indonesia.

Marriage Law and Terms

The island of Bali is an island located in the Indonesian archipelago. Here, the marriage law refers to the Law on Marriage of the Republic of Indonesia no. 1 of 1974. This law states important matters in article 2 (1) and regulates legal marriage in Indonesia. In the article, it has been stated that marriage will be declared valid if it is under the laws of each religion and belief in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the recognized and legitimate religions and beliefs in Indonesia are Islam, Catholicism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The Indonesian government will not allow marriage ceremonies that use religious and belief procedures outside of the legal religion in this country. On the other hand, the age of the bride and groom must meet the 18-year requirement.


For foreigners who wish to legally marry in Indonesia, including Bali, then you must pay attention to the important information below. The following are important information and requirements that you must fulfil to be officially married in Indonesia. You can consult your ambassador or your Consulate General in Indonesia to ask for other important information. This information is very important for you to determine your wedding plan further.

Visa and Passport
  1. Valid passport. Each passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months since entering Indonesia.
  2. Valid visa to enter Indonesia and please note:
    • The Indonesian government has freed many foreign nationals who entered Indonesia. You will obtain a free visa with this facility. However, for countries that have not received these facilities, they must continue applying for visas at Indonesian embassies. You can check the citizens who get a free visa to visit Indonesia here.
    • There is no time limit for the bride and groom who want to get married in Indonesia. They can live in Indonesia before the wedding ceremony. The period of stay in Indonesia must be in line with the valid visa period. If the requirements and marriage documents are complete, the wedding procession can be carried out. This includes documents and notifications from/to the embassy or Consulate General in Indonesia.
Other Documents
  1. Birth certificates. If the certificate is in the form of a copy, then the solicitor or Embassy or Consulate General in Indonesia must legalize it.
  2. The minimum age is 18 years for the bride and 19 years for the groom.
  3. A statement from the parents/guardians of the bride and groom who stated that they did not object to the marriage.
  4. Legalized written statements confirming the status of each individual (single/ widow/  widower/ divorcee etc.).
  5. Letter from wedding couple’s church. If the couple is a Christian or a member of the church who wants to hold a wedding in Indonesia.
  6. All foreigners planning to hold the wedding in Indonesia must be able to show the original Certificate of Non-Impediment. The original Certificate of Non-Impediment is issued by the local authorities where the bride is staying. Or the embassy or Consulate General in Indonesia can also issue this letter.
  7. If the bride and groom want to convert to Islam and hold the wedding according to the Islamic Law, the bride and groom must report and register themselves at the religious affairs office in Indonesia.
  8. If the marriage ceremony is based on Christianity, then the marriage must be registered at the Civil Registry.
  9. Government offices in Indonesia that have the authority to hold marriages are the Office of Religious Affairs and the Civil Registry Office.
  10. Each region in Indonesia has different cultures and customs. This will affect the marriage ceremony.

After Wedding and How to Measure Your Legal Wedding

After you hold a wedding in Indonesia, then you can find out whether your marriage is legal or not. Here are ways to find out if your marriage is legal or not.

  • You must receive a marriage certificate or document as proof that you are legally wedding. The Indonesian will dominate all wedding documents. We recommend that you translate the document into English at an official translator in Indonesia before returning to your country. After you arrive in your country, then you must bring and record the translated certificate/document to the marriage registration office.
  • For those of you foreigners who hold a foreign passport and you have done married in Indonesia and want to obtain a marriage certificate or marriage document in your country, then you must come to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. Here, your document will be translated (applies if your document is still in Indonesian writing). After that, the bride and groom must bring the translated document/certificate to the marriage registration office.

*) Furthermore, please contact your embassy office regarding ‘Certificate of Non-Impediment’. The various requirement of the embassy is not the same.

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