Respecting Others, Religion, Cultures and Environments – Balinese People Etiquette

Balinese People Etiquette is a code of behaviour that delineates expectations of social behaviour according to the contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class or group of people on Bali Island. Furthermore, this etiquette is very simple and everyone easily to adapt with the social norm among the Balinese people. Balinese people are inclusive by nature and take great pride in their heritage. Therefore, they do not mind visitors observing ceremonies and traditional dances, just as long as they follow a few simple, basic points of etiquette. In addition, this etiquette will guide the visitors/tourists to pay attention again to the conventional norms that are still preserved by the Balinese people. Because, it will help the tourists to respect and understand the local behaviour, cultures and norms.

Unique and Need to Know About Balinese People Etiquette

Greetings – Om Swastiastu and Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om

balinese greetings, om swastiastu, balinese, bali, etiquette, norms, balinese etiquette, bali etiquette, balinese normsOm Swastiastu is an official greeting among the Balinese people. The position of your hand during this greeting are uniting the palm of hand in front of your chest. Therefore, this greeting is absolutely applied whenever you meet the local people in particular entering their house, meet the honorable people or priest. Om Swastiastu word is meaning ‘hopefully save or survive”. Meanwhile, the closing sentence on every conversation/meeting that you made is said “Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om”. It means Hopefully peaceful, quite or tranquil.

Visiting a Temple

temple, entering temple, balinese, bali, etiquette, norms, balinese etiquette, bali etiquette, balinese normsWhen visiting a temple be aware that you should wear long pants or a sarong with a Selendang tied around the waist (men and women). Meanwhile, you can take your own every major temple has Selendangs to borrow for a small donation. It is extremely bad form (in fact, it is taboo) for women who are menstruating not allowed to enter a temple. Because, the Balinese believe that the people who being menstruation or in state of mourning is having bad or negative thinking/feeling. Therefore, the people who are only having  a good/positive thinking is allowed to enter the temple. in addition, the temple is always purified by certain even big ceremony or rituals that might spend much money.

Balinese Hindu Procession 

temple ceremony, procession, bali, balinese, hindu, ceremony, temple, bali hindu, balinese hindu, bali hindu ceremony, balinese hindu ceremonyIf you find yourself stuck in traffic for no apparent reason, you may have to come up on a Balinese procession on the way to temple. Therefore, please be patient. No amount of honking the car’s horn is going to speed things up. Because, it is rude to try to pass. This event is absolutely found before Nyepi Day. Because, the local people will go to the beach or holy water to purify the symbols of God. However, this circumstance can easily be found on the road at anytime. Because, the local people run the Hindu ceremony every day in Bali.

Other Lists of What to Do or Don’t

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  • Never touch the head of local people.Do not pointing the finger even the middle finger to the local people.
  • Seating above than the older people or the people respected is rude.
  • Always wearing the polite /casual clothes even wearing sarong whenever you join with the ceremony or take a picture of them.
  • Don’t step in front of anyone to snap a photo and do not sit higher than the local priest presiding over the ceremony


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