Balinese Tooth Filing Ceremony Photo Gallery Presenting Beautiful Pictures of Bali Rituals

Balinese Tooth Filing Ceremony Photo Gallery provides best selection of beautiful pictures about Tooth Filling Ceremony Procession. This ceremony is one of the biggest Hindu rituals in Bali as well as a part of Human Ceremony. Furthermore, the ceremony is held by smoothing down incisor and eye-tooth. It is purposing to remove over six human enemies (Sad Ripu) such as desire/passion (Nafsu), greedy (Lobha), angry/resentment (Krodha),  drunk (Mada), envy/spite (Matsarya) and confused (Moha). This ceremony is taking in the certain day based on Balinese calendar and involves the priest and other local societies. In addition, we present a selected picture of Tooth Filling Ceremony which is held by the Balinese Hindu in one of countryside in Bali.

Balinese Tooth Filling Ceremony in Procession

This ceremony is taking from several days before the event date. Because, it needs many preparation to make the ceremony run smoothly. Moreover, Balinese Tooth Filling Ceremony will take all families members to involve on this event. The ceremonies are usually executed on a good day based on Balinese Hindu calendar to keep the event run smoothly. In addition, it will involve several priests to lead some of rituals. The most important is a Sangging, a man who in charge to cut the teeth.

Photo Gallery


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