Batur Mount Climbing – Bali Star Island 6th Anniversary

Batur Mount Climbing – Bali Star Island 6th Anniversary

Batur Mount Climbing
Bali Star Island Anniversary
PT. Bewish International Tour

Batur Mount Climbing is an offsite activity that was first carried out by Bali Star Island Team. We conduct this activity in connection with our company’s 6th-anniversary celebration and involve all of our staff. We do this activity to invite all staff and get to know more closely with nature. At the end of the event, they can enjoy the trip and have a pleasant experience. So, it can increase the productivity of each employee. This incentive activity is very useful for all staff where they can gather together, get to know each other and exchange ideas. We have carefully designed this program by considering our time. This is very important so that this does not reduce or even deter our service to customers. We do this incentive trip for 1 night and 2 days. A truly pleasant and memorable trip.

First Day

On the first day, we headed to the Bali Zoo in Gianyar, close to Ubud to see a variety of protected animals. We spent 2 hours to explore the zoo and see the uniqueness of each animal. Our journey continues to climb the hills and to Kintamani for 1 hour. Finally, we have arrived at Lake View Restaurant where we are very amazed to see the super beautiful natural scenery. After lunch, we check-in and relax at the hotel while enjoying the view of Mount Batur and the lake. Fog slowly rises to our hotel and covers all Kintamani areas. So, it didn’t feel that it was late and we continued with dinner together.

Second Day

Wake up call at 4 am, time to pack before leaving for mountain climbing. We ate breakfast at the hotel and then left for the foot of Mount Batur. We begin our adventure by climbing Mount Batur for 1 hour 45 minutes. Finally, we have reached the top of the mountain and saw the beautiful natural scenery around while waiting for the sunrise. After that, we descended the mountain slowly while looking at the beauty of nature that was increasingly visible. When we arrived at the shore of Batur Lake, we enjoyed the warmth of the hot tub while looking at the green hill on the opposite side.

And also, we have visited Trunyan Village where we found many unique things there. One of the unique cultures in Trunyan Village is the grave of the community. Where local people do not bury bodies on the ground or burn like burial processes elsewhere in Bali. Here, the corpse is placed on the ground precisely under the incense tree. Strangely, the corpse did not release a foul odour. On the other hand, the scenery with the background of Batur Volcano adds to the impression of our trip this time. Finally, we returned to Denpasar and ended our very memorable trip.

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