as Diving and Snorkeling Spots in Flores – Bidadari Island at Labuan Bajo

Bidadari Island Labuan Bajo is a beautiful island with a white sandy beach situated in the heart of Komodo National Park. Furthermore, this island is very famous for with clear seawater and ideally for diving as well as snorkelling. Nowadays, Bidadari Island Labuan Bajo is a tourist destination and stop point during Komodo Dragon Tours. Meanwhile, the long white sandy beach with a panoramic view of Komodo National Park surrounds it as the features of this island. The amazing underwater lives with colourful fishes, as well as corals, are making your vacation completely fantastic and enjoyable.

Bidadari Island Labuan Bajo is an Angle of Komodo National Park

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Bidadari Island at Labuan Bajo

The name of Bidadari Island Labuan Bajo is coming from the Indonesian Language. Furthermore, Bidadari means angle and Labuan Bajo is the name of the area where the island is located. In addition, this island owns the beautiful white sandy beach with amazing panorama view that makes the local identify it as an angle. Therefore, the local people slow down call it as a Bidadari Island. Furthermore, it is the closest island from Labuan Bajo. It takes only 20 minutes by local boat from the port and become one of the tourist destinations on Komodo National Park Tours.

Komodo National Park Tours

Komodo National Park Tours or famously called by Komodo Dragon Tours are the exciting tours to explore the Komodo National Park and discover the Komodo Dragons. It takes the visitors to explore several beautiful islands such as Komodo Island, Rinca, Pink Beach, Kalong Island, Kanawa Island, Padar Island, Batu Cermin as well as Bidadari Island. The features of this island are beautiful white sand beach, amazing underwater view, scenic panoramic view as well as close to Labuan Bajo.

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