Bali Star Island Offers Bali Boat Specifications for Bali Water Sport Activities or Bali Boat Charter

Bali Boat Specifications provides you complete descriptions of each boat used for Bali water sport activitiesboat charter and well as Bali fishing tours. We are glad to provide the Bali Boat specifications to complete your information before booking the activities through us. We have worked with our reputable vendor that operating all the marine sport activities with high standard facilities and services. It is because, we have committed to give our best quality services, comfort and safe for all activities. Safety is a very top concept on our services therefor all the activities are covered by worthy medical insurance. Therefore, there is no doubt to contact our team to get space for each activity that you need. Afterwards, we will response it as soon as possible.

Bali Boat Specifications

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Length 7,40 meters
Width 1,85 meters
Passenger Capacity 4 – 6 people
Power of Engine 1 x 40 Horse Power Out Board
Facilities Glass Bottom and furthermore

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Length 9 meters
Width 2,35 meters
Capacity of passenger 4 – 6 persons
Power of Engine 2 x 85 Horse Power Out Board
Boat Facilities Toilet and furthermore

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Boat Name JUKUNG
Length 6,25 meters
Width 1,20 meters
Passenger Capacity 2 – 4 persons
Power Engine 1 x 15 HP Out Board
Facilities and furthermore  –

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Length 5,50 meters
Width 2,17 meters
Capacity of passenger between 4 – 6 person
Engine Power 1 x 115 HP Out Board
Boat Facilities and furthermore


PT Pandawa Marine Adventure grant and convince all our customers that this company is legal. It is also remove your hesitant of the accident during Water Sport Activities in Bali. We have an obligation to secure and protect all customers who join the water activities. Therefore, PT Pandawa Marine Adventure provides insurance for all Water Sport activities. This medical insurance covers for just in case the accident outside of control PT Pandawa Marine Adventure. Please kindly find below the insurance reference which covers you during joining the water activities with Pandawa.

Name of Insurance Company PT. JASARAHARJA PUTRA
Age of Insurance cover : 10 – 60 years old
Total Sum Insured:
Death : Rp. 125.000.000,00
Permanent Disablement : Rp. 125.000.000,00
Medical Expenses : Rp. 12.500.000,00

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