Cremation Ceremony Photo Gallery | Bali Ngaben Ceremony

Cremation Ceremony Photo Gallery | Bali Ngaben Ceremony

Cremation Ceremony Photo Gallery Presenting Best Picture Selections of Bali Ngaben Ceremony

Cremation Ceremony Photo Gallery provides selection photos of Bali Ngaben Ceremony in Bali Island. Ngaben Ceremony is the biggest rituals among the human ceremony based on the Hindu religion. This ceremony is a process of burial or cremation with sacred rituals to return 5 body elements to the sources. It is included on Pitra Yadnya Ceremony or a ceremony to honour the ancestors. Moreover, the dead body soul will not reach heaven if they do not hold the cremation ceremony (Balinese Hindu Believes). Also, this ceremony will involve all the family members including the local community in all Ngaben Procession. Meanwhile, each of procession is very unique with deep of local cultures ambiences. Therefore, it is very interesting to see when you visit Bali Island.

Purpose of Cremation Ceremony

The purpose of Ngaben Ceremony or Cremation Ceremony is returning 5 body elements to the sources as well as send the dead body soul to heaven. Furthermore, the five body elements such as power (Bayu), water/liquid (Apah), Light/hot/fire (Teja), solid (Pertiwi) and space (Akasa). so, each of those five elements will return to their sources. It is also aiming the dead soul to release the linkages with the life of the world. Therefore, the soul will be free when entering heaven. Moreover, all of these processes are well run out of offerings and rituals. It is very complex and beautiful to see when you visit this island. We have an exciting Bali Cremation Tour that you may join with. However, this tour is subject to local condition and availability bases.

Photo Gallery

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