What do optional tours available for the cruise ship dock Bali

Cruise Ship Dock Bali land tour should be one of the best choices for cruise ship dock Bali. After crossing the sea they will be excited to see Bali and its culture for a short stopover. Indeed, local tour agent welcomes them and offers various optional either half-day or full-day tour. The cruise line stops over from morning till late afternoon, and a half-day optional tour for the cruise ship is suited for them. Meanwhile, a full-day Bali tour is suited for those who depart in the late evening. which one is your schedule? Surely, we are professionally how to arrange the tour hence you will be on the ship on time. Still, confused about how to see Bali in the short moment? Herewith we are glad to offer to vary optional Bali tours and hope one could be yours. Simply click here, Bali Optional Tour for Cruise ship

Where is the main port of the cruise ship dock Bali

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Main cruise usually port at Benoa harbor which is located at central tourist area in Bali. This port is close to Kuta, Seminyak and Nusa Dua and could be reached at 15 minute drive. The other port in Bali are Padang Bai port and one of them located at North of Bali. Why major cruise ship choose Benoa Bali port ? Indeed, this port is the biggest port at the island and are able to accommodate more than 100,000 passengers a day. Furthermore, the accessibility of this port to reach many tourist object either half day or full day tour is one of the reason, isn’t it? You are one of passenger cruise ship dock Bali port ?

How to meet the tour guide at the port

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Many people are wondering to meet some one who doesn’t know each other. Surely, our professional guide will tag your name clearly and stand up in front of arrival gate. Speak good English and neat appearance is always wear company uniform. They will escort you based to your order. especially optional tour for cruise ship, they explain of Balinese people, culture, life style, food and others. Absolutely, you may ask them if you need some special things from Bali hence they can guide you to right place. Wanna to have shopping or authentic Balinese food? Just drop your question, ensure for those cruise ship dock Bali, we will treat you in best way.

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