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Dieng Plateau is a marshy plateau craters inform the floor of a caldera complex on the Dieng volcanic complex. It is situated in Wonosobo regency, Central Java. Furthermore, this site sits on 2000 meters above sea level with cool temperatures surround it. Meanwhile, this place also owns the heritage site from Kalingga Kingdom era with several beautiful Hindu temples stand on this area. It is a beautiful place to visit during your travel to Yogyakarta or Central Java. Moreover, many travel companies offer Yogyakarta Tours with Dieng Plateau as one of the places to visit. Despite, the place is a bit far from Yogyakarta but it will remove your boredom on the way after finding this place.

Places to Visit

Hindu Temple Complex

hindu temples

It offers several places to visit those are very beautiful with scenic panorama and serenity ambience surrounds it. Firstly, the Hindu Temple complexes with eight small temple building are the heritage temple from Kalingga Kingdom. However, it is unclear when the temples are built and estimated built in 7th-century end to 8 century AD. They are originally thought to have numbered 400 but only eight remain. The names of temples are taking from the heroics of the Hindu epics of Mahabharata such as Arjuna, Gatutkaca, Bima, Dwarawati, Setyawati and others.

Dieng Volcanic Complex

volcano crater

The volcanic complex in Dieng consists of two or more stratovolcanoes with more than 20 small craters and Pleistocene-too-Holocene age volcanic cones. This complex covers 6 x 14 km area. Furthermore, the Prahu Stravolcano was truncated by a large Pleistocene caldera and then filled by parasitic cones, lava domes as well as craters with 120 Celsius temperatures. Some of them are returning to the lake. In addition, it can produce toxic gases when the crater conditions increase from the normal condition. However, this crater complex is always monitored by the Center of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation who always report and take action to stop for tourist to visit this site.

Telaga Warna – Colorful Lake

colorful lake

Telaga Warna or Colorful Lake is coming from the beauty of the lakes existing in this area. This lake was formed due to the uniqueness of natural phenomena occur in this area. The colour of lake waters are frequently changing into several colours. Sometimes, the colour becomes green and yellow but on one occasion could be like a rainbow. This phenomenon occurs because the lake water containing high sulfur. Hence, when it got sunshine then the colour of the lake water appear colourful.

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