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Gili Lombok Vacation Packages Offers the Best Selection of Holiday Packages on Gili and Lombok Island

Gili and Lombok Island is a new paradise island as a world-class tourist destination in the Indonesian archipelago. Bali Star Island is proud to offer several exciting Gili Lombok Vacation Packages with attractive benefits. We have carefully designed all of these vacation packages with due regard for customer desires. Similarly, we always provide the best deals at affordable prices to ensure customer satisfaction. We will take you to explore the exotic nature of Lombok and Gili Island to see the local culture. Also, you will enjoy your beautiful days on a desert island with white sand.

In addition, our services from an experienced team will make your vacation enjoyable. Gili Lombok Vacation Packages are part of the vacation packages we offer in Indonesia. If you don’t find the package that is right for you, you can contact our team to make a customized package.

Gili and Lombok Packages

Bali and Gili 6 Nights Package

This is an exciting vacation package to explore the nature of Bali and Gili Islands for 7 days / 6 nights. This is truly the perfect vacation package to enjoy a holiday on two paradise islands and become the dream of every person in the world. In addition, Bali is famous for its beautiful culture and nature. Meanwhile, Gili Island is famous for its exotic beaches. So, this vacation package is the right choice for you to enjoy beautiful days in Indonesia. Furthermore

Lombok 6 Nights Package

A vacation package to explore two paradise islands in Indonesia which are famous for their unique culture. We will take you to explore the beautiful nature of the island of Bali and then cross to the island of Lombok. You will also enjoy an exciting excursion in Lombok as part of the agenda in this vacation package. So, this is really the perfect vacation package to combine two world-class destinations in a single package. In the meantime, we offer our own design at an affordable price. Furthermore

Bali – Lombok – Gili 8 Nights Package

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This is an amazing vacation package by exploring 3 exotic islands in one vacation. We have arranged this holiday package agenda to accommodate the wishes of our customers. For that, we will take you to see the unique culture of each island. And also, you can enjoy the extraordinary nature of each island. Of course, you will bring extraordinary vacation memories when you return home. Meanwhile, we offer that this package meets the elements of the holiday needs including hotel, tour, dining, transportation, etc. Furthermore

Gili and Lombok + Bali 13 Nights Package

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This vacation package will take you to enjoy the natural atmosphere on 3 different islands during your holiday in Indonesia. And also, this is a pretty long vacation package. However, you will be able to explore beautiful nature and see culture on 3 different islands. Moreover, you can enjoy your days with fresh tropical air on each island. So, this is truly an extraordinary vacation package that will provide a pleasant experience in your life. Furthermore