Gili Gili Fast Boat Specifications, Facilities – Characteristic

Gili Gili Fast Boat Specifications, Facilities – Characteristic

Gili Gili Fast Boat Provide Boat Specification, Facilities and Characteristic

Boat Specifications of Gili Gili Fast Boat is well designed with high speed, luxurious and comfortable. Furthermore, the professional and experienced boat captain as well as crews will keep your journey enjoyable. The boat is also complete by international standard safety equipment and elegant facilities that make your trips comfortable. It is one of reliable fast boat companies providing boat transports from Bali to Gili Island and Lombok Island vice versa. In addition, this boat is running with daily operation to accommodate passengers from Bali to Gili Islands by discovering 3 islands in a day.

Boat Characteristics

Gili Gili Fast Boat is fully new brand boat with the latest Suzuki engine 3 x 300 Horsepower for Boat Gili Gili I. Meanwhile, the boat of Gili Gili II is 4 x 250 horse power. Therefore, the boat speed is running between 25 – 35 knots and takes you on cruise within 1 hour from Bali to Lombok. It is featuring with complete facilities such as JPS, radio, life raft, life rings, life jackets, toilet, reclining seats for relaxation, spacious and cozy interior, LCD TV and full music on board, fully accredited captain, engineers, and friendly English speaking crew.

Boat Capacity

  • Gili Gili I = 30 seat capacity
  • Gili Gili II = 40 seat capacity

Safety Equipment and Facilities :

  • 40 life rafts, with hydro-static release and manual release; these automatically inflate if the boat sinks, or can be operated manually
  • EPIRB: Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon. When immersed in water the EPIRB automatically sends an SOS signal via satellite to the authorities, informing name of vessel and precise location. Moreover, it continues to send signal for up to three days
  • GPS system
  • SOLAS standard life jackets for all passengers as well as crew
  • Full set of distress flares in accordance with regulations
  • Marine VHF ship-to-shore radio
  • 4 throw rings
  • Electric flushing toilet
  • Spacious sun-deck on roof

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