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Gunung Kawi Temple is a Hindu Temple complex from the Stone era located in Gianyar Regency. This is referred to the Tengkulak A inscription on 945 saka (Balinese calendar) that was released by Marakata King. Gunung Kawi Temple is an ancient heritage complex located on the Pekerisan River (the name of the river by Katyangan Amaravati). There are 3 temples with similar names to Gunung Kawi in Bali such as Gunung Kawi in the Sebatu countryside, Gunung Kawi Temple in the Keliki countryside and Gunung Kawi Temple in the Babitra countryside.

Gunung Kawi Temple, the ancient omission complex

It is consisted of 2 types:

  1. Temple Complex
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    Temple complex is consisted of 2 consecution. The consecution in east side of Pekerisan River is consisted of 5 units and the consecution at west side of river is 5 units, in the north is 4 units and 1 unit is located far in south side separate from the others. On the above temple consecution in particular to the East side River, there is an article written based on Kediri word type sounding ‘Haji Lumahing Jalu’. Haji means a king, the Lumah means a temple or Sidha Dewata means to return to the nature of deity and Ing Jalu means in Pekerisan. The Jalu mean the Keris literal. The temple which is located in the west side of river related to all king concubines.
  2. Buddhist Temple Complex
    Buddhist Temple Complex is used as a residence and as place for meditation. It is consisted of some nooks and it is located in the cross east of Pakerisan River. Other nooks are located spread out and near the temple bunch.

Gunung Kawi is a famous tourist destination in Bali with its ancient omission so that this place is the right to visit during your vacation in the island. You can join with our Penglipuran Tampak Siring Expedition or Kintamani Volcano Tour Expedition, the exciting tours to explore the traditional village and visit this site.

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