Balinese Hindu Temple Ceremony Photo Gallery Presenting Best Pictures of Temple Festivals in Bali Island

Balinese Hindu Temple Ceremony Photo Gallery provides best selection of temple ceremonies in Bali Island. Furthermore, temple ceremony is held every 6 months according to the Balinese calendar. The ceremony execution is centralized in the temple area including the preparation. Meanwhile, all temple buildings are fully decorated with the beautiful ornament which is adopted from the local cultures. The items are usually used for this ceremony such as umbrella, Penjor (a bamboo decorated by young coconut leaf), flag, Umbul – umbul (pennant) and others. All Balinese Hindu will come together and pray in the temple during temple festivals. The Hindu priest is holding the important rule to lead the rituals during temple festivals. In addition, we provide photo selections of temple festivals in this island.

Bali Hindu Temple Ceremony Photo Gallery

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