Bali Incentive Full Leisure Program

Bali Incentive Full Leisure Program

All out Leisure Tour Program in Bali – Incentive Trip Plans

Incentive Leisure Program offers all-out leisure tours in Bali for any group who want to hold the event at the island. This is a totally fun program for an incentive group to explore Bali Island. Furthermore, the program is designed for a group from the company’ staff or manager s level who want to enjoy the leisure time in Bali without any business purpose. This Bali Incentive Full Leisure Program is one of our responses against incentive trip plan request. And also, our professional team has worked for this incentive trip plans since 1998 with 100% satisfactory experiences. Therefore, please feel free to contact our team to get a proposal.

Concept of All-out Incentive Leisure Program

The concept of Bali Incentive Full Leisure Program is a reward from the company for the employees to travel and enjoy the leisure programs in Bali. Therefore, we offer to customize program and work with you to assign the attractive agendas. Meanwhile, the popular guest activities in Bali that can combine your incentive trip plans such as sightseeing, adventures, spa, golf, team building and other activities. Therefore, this program will escape business purpose and offers free leisure program throughout the group arrangements. Furthermore, if you have any question please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Package Combinations

We offer the flexibility to arrange your incentive group trip plans to fit your requirements. There are many activities that you group participants can do during their visit to Bali. We can offer popular guest activities such as land tours, cruise to Lembongan Island, adventure activities, spa, golf, surf lessons, cooking class and furthermore.


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Bali Star Island is your one-stop travel agency in Bali provides complete tours in Bali and beyond to explore local cultures, beautiful panorama, friendly local people, cuisine and others. Our professional team has created the perfect tour arrangement to with exciting itinerary. We provide many options for tours including tour packages. Furthermore, you may visit complete tours available in this site where you can discover at Bali Tours here.


There are several famous adventures available in Bali which is the most popular in the world. And also, we have well-selected adventure activities to meet your requirements. There are some adventure activities suitable for your group participant such as white water rafting, cycling tours, horse riding, elephant ride, ATV riding, Land Cruises, Sea Cruises and furthermore.


We can arrange multifarious activities as an additional program to fit your group arrangement. We can adjust the activities with schedule, objective and furthermore.

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