Indonesian Embassy Office of Republic of Indonesia at the Country

The Republic of Indonesia has diplomatic relations represented by the Indonesian Embassy Office in each country concerned. Therefore, all matters relating to the relationship between the two countries include dealing through the Indonesian embassy office. Also, an ambassador and consul honorarium will be responsible for Indonesian citizens living in the country. Similarly, foreign residents who need a visa to visit Indonesia must go through the procedures of the Indonesian Embassy.

Feature of Republic of Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country from West of Sumatra island called Sabang until East of Irian Jaya called Merauke. The number of islands in Indonesia is more than 13,000 islands, which have been inhabited and some islands are not. Also, Indonesia’s population has reached 260,000,000 people who have been scattered in the Indonesian archipelago. Meanwhile, the peoples who live on each island have their customs and culture, and also they use their respective languages.

Indonesian Embassy Office at the country, as a result below:

In case you find the incompletely data or you have the update information about Indonesia Embassy in the certain country, please feel free to advise us the latest or the new address or information or you can fill the Indonesia Embassy Form.

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