Indonesia is an unique country that located in South East Asia as one of Indonesian World Class Ecotourism destination. Some part of Indonesian are located on equator and by this edition, Indonesia has a huge tropical rain forest. It is not limited to flora however, fauna was also diverse. That is why Indonesia is often the center of the world’s biodiversity. This below list will be show how this country become Indonesia World Class Ecotourism.

Indonesian World Class Ecotourism

Ujung Kulon

Ujung Kulon is a National Park, this is the original home of the Javan rhinos remaining. Besides seeing directly a variety of rare animals in their habitat, in Ujung Kulon travelers will also appreciate the beauty of the small islands around it. Call it Panaitan Island, Peucang and Handeleum, which later became the background photographed in the universe Instagram


Talk about East Kalimantan, ecotourism latter name is rising Derawan Islands. Ecotourism most interesting in these locations is Lake Kakaban. The advantages of this lake is the water is a mixture of fresh and marine water. No wonder that end, a variety of sea animals, such as jellyfish and sea fish often found in this lake.


Switching to the east a bit, precisely in Central Sulawesi, there Togean. The location of National Park in the Gulf of Tomini. this has diverse coral reefs and marine animals are endangered and protected. Because the underwater beauty here, Togean began to be priorities diving destinations world.

Cartensz Pyramids

The highlight of Pegunung Jayawijaya commonly known as Carstensz Pyramids. It is interesting, in this place once was the only ski resort located in the tropics. Of course it is enough to invite attention, especially through social media. From there, tourists began to arrive to see the eternal snow of Puncak Jaya.

Pulau Weh

To its position in the Andaman Sea, making it easy visited by tourists since the days of the merchant. Pulau Weh also a sanctuary underwater save coral reefs and diverse marine life is amazing. No wonder when finally divers have always flocked to see first hand the beauty of the island at the western tip of Indonesia.

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