Trip to Komodo National Park, trek to get an amazing view – Part 2

Instagramable Padar Island Komodo Everyone wants to get a pic at the most popular place on Instagram is Padar Island Komodo. Continuing from part 1 story, that boat cross to Kelor island brought us to see a flying bat. That was sunset time, meanwhile, thousands of bats out from their nest then flew into the sky. When a dramatic sunset dims at the ocean the boat moved slowly to reach the docking area. The night was coming. What should we do on a small boat? Don’t worry, cabin crew knows the way to entertain through in-house music. For those who want to freshen up, a hot shower is available at each cabin. Intermittently hot coffee and banana fritter were served. Were you feel this service worth than, weren’t you? Yes, we could forget our busy life once we are in.

How long is the distance from the docking area to Instagramable Padar Island Komodo

padar island komodo

Mostly the boat are overnight close to Rinca island to avoid ocean currents. Lined up at the quiet bay, and each other communicating intently for a safety reason. Second reason to choose this dock area is to make all passengers get sleep well and no shake during night. I think this is a good idea to let us have a good rest for next day trip. Big thumb to all crew had made our trip save and really enjoyable. What do you think?

How was the Food and Cabin Cleanliness

popular place on instagram

Dinner time was coming. Cabin chef cooked for us the authentic Indonesian food. Mixed between fresh seafood and chicken meat with vegetable was very yummy. Do you like Indonesian food? Once you try it, I believe you will eat double portion. Cabin crew served alcohol and beer at personal account. Meanwhile mineral water and hot drink is free. Wouldn’t you feel have a dinner at open deck under sky in the ocean is a great moment, would you?
Late night everyone gone to cabin for rest. Mine was twin bunk bed and equipped with Air condition. I think sea breeze was cool enough, meanwhile small size cabin with air condition is too cold. Personally I prefer fresh weather even more at the nature, how about you? The cabin sheet is clean, the mattress is soft thus I feel like sleep at home.

Instagramable Padar Island Komodo, how does the trek route

Padar island komodo

The boat cross the sea start at 4 am early morning. Cross the sea took two hours before reaching Padar island the popular place on instagram. We start trek during sun rise and the weather is not too hot. The island has three different stop point to take a picture, which is the lowest place could be reached at 15 minute. From here you may see one gulf. Second stop point need 15 minute more to trek, then on this place you can see three gulf is prefect to shot a photo. Meanwhile, the last stop point at the peak you can see not only three gulf but 180 degrees panorama is amazing. By looking this picture, don’t you want go to trek at Padar Island Komodo soon, do you? Little bit hard trekking but it is very worth for your life. It is a popular place on instagram.

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