Bali UNESCO World Heritages – Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace is a very famous tourist spot in Bali with a view of a beautiful rice terrace. This place is excellent for tourists, especially tourists who like nature. This is because, nature is still beautiful with extensive rice fields, fresh air and beautiful scenery. Here, farmers have succeeded in preserving the ancestral cultural heritage to maintain the balance of nature. Meanwhile, the cool air and the life of the living farmers have attracted many tourists to visit this place. And also, this place continues to improve the public facilities to provide a sense of comfort for tourists to visit Jatiluwih Rice Terrace. On the other hand, Subak is a social organization of Balinese people. This organization has managed to protect nature in Jatiluwih and regulate the social life of local people. Therefore, UNESCO has designated this place as a World Cultural Heritage.

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In addition, the name Jatiluwih comes from two words namely Jati and Luwih. The word Jati means true, while the word Luwih means good. Therefore, it is no exaggeration that Jatiluwih is a nice and beautiful place. The stretch of rice fields overlapping from the foot of Mount Batukaru to the edge of the ocean is a special attraction of this place. Also, this place has produced three different types of rice. The three rice include white rice, brown rice and black rice. White rice is a common consumption for the people of Indonesia and Bali. Brown rice has a low carbohydrate level so it is very good for preventing diabetes. Meanwhile, black rice is widely used to make pudding. This place produces rice with the highest level and many are exported abroad.

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, Bali Places of Interest

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Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Besides the beautiful scenery and cool temperatures, Jatiluwih also has advantages that can be an attraction for tourists to visit this place. This place also holds the potential of nature and culture that tourists can enjoy especially the history of the Petali Temple. This history relates to the government of a king named Ida Dalem Waturenggong in Gelgel Palace (1460 – 1552).

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Regarding distance, this place is 48 km from Denpasar City and 28 km from Tabanan City. This place is very easy to reach from road traffic because it has good access. Tourists can pass three different roads to this place. First, we can pass the main road from the east through Angsri Village. Second, from the west through Wongaya Gede Village. While the third, we can pass from the south through Mangesta Village.

Jatiluwih Development

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Jatiluwih is many visited by tourists from local and foreign countries who want to enjoy the beautiful natures. Today, this place is better known as a tourist attraction, especially natural tourism. Also, this place provides 3 types of trekking tracks that can be passed by every tourist. For short distances, tourists can walk about 30 minutes between fields. For medium distances, tourists can enjoy walking for around 2 hours. Meanwhile, the longest distance will take around 4 hours.

UNESCO World Heritages

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Rice Terrace at Jatiluwih

Jatiluwih is one of Bali’s province landscape who own specific type includes rural, rice field and Subak Irrigation System. Subak is a community social organization that regulates the irrigation system and the life order of the Balinese people. This organization has succeeded in practicing an egalitarian system for farmers. This unique organization continues to be maintained by Balinese society until now. An organization that regulates irrigation systems with modern methods but the equipment is very old. Therefore, the UNESCO has appointed this site as one of the World Heritage Sites on 26 July 2012. This appointment has covered 14 Subak and 11 villages. It is consisted of 2,372 ha of rice field, 3,545 ha of garden, 9,316 ha of forest, 317 ha of housing area and 475 ha of wild bush.

Other Bali Places to Visit

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Jatiluwih also keep the unique religious ceremony attractions. One of them is famous known as Patirtaan in Petali Temple. The local residents believe that Petali Temple is a worship center of the God as agriculture power. Beside of Petali Temple, there is also Puncak Rsi Temple located in this area. As a tourist object, Jatiluwih provides public facilities to give more comfortable for tourists. The facilities are includes parking area, toilet, resting bale and Wantilan. This Wantilan is ideally as a place to enjoy the beautiful panorama.

Watukaru tour is an exciting tour to visit Watukaru Temple and other tourist destinations like Jatiluwih. The other places of interest near by includes Watukaru Temple, Ulun Danu Temple, Beratan Lake, Botanical Garden, Taman Ayun Temple, Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest, Bali Butterfly Park, Penatahan Hot Spring, Subak Museum and Tanah Lot. Meanwhile other places of interest in Tabanan Regency that recommended to visit includes Serijong Temple, Blemantung Waterfall and Belimbing Rice Terrace. Another our land tour is covering Jatiluwih as a tour destination is Dolphin Watching Singaraja Lovina Tours.

Favorite Tours to Visit Places of Interest in Tabanan Regency

This area has been blessed by many interesting places to visit. So, almost all these places have turned into tourist destinations. For this reason, many tour packages schedule interesting places in Tabanan Regency as a point of stop. The tour package is such as Bedugul tour, Batukaru tour, Tanah Lot tour, Tanah Lot Sunset Dinner Package dan Bali Farm Tour. And also, there are other tour packages for your reference such as Rafting Tanah Lot tour Package, Jatiluwih Expedition and Jatiluwih Tanah Lot Tour.


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