Kalong Island, a Secret Bat Island in Komodo National Park with Beautiful Panoramic View

Kalong Island is a small beautiful island in Komodo National Park with mangrove plantations cover the island where thousands of bats living. Furthermore, the name of this island is coming from the local word that Kalong means bat. It is because of the island dwelt by thousands of bats and keeps secret by local people. This island presents the exotic attraction of bat flying over the island in particular sunset time. Therefore, it is one of the favourite tourist attractions in this national park that you never miss when joining Komodo Tours. The trips are also discovery the biggest lizards in the world, Komodo Dragons that living in this park too.

Kalong Island, A Secret Island in Flores

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Bats at Kalong Island

Kalong Island is keeping a mystery and kept secret by the local people in particular from Labuan Bajo of Flores. According to the local story that no one brave to enter this island since somebody had tried to enter it using a local boat and not return. Therefore, the island is kept secret with its beautiful natures. Meanwhile, the island presents the beautiful attraction of bat flying around the island. The group of big bats dwelling this island as well as hang on the mangrove plantations. Meanwhile, the park is proud to have this island and captivate the tourist to enjoy the fantastic view of the bat flying in the late afternoon. You can discover thousands of bats flying around and leave the island to seek the food at another island within this national park.

Kalong Island Location

Kalong Island is located approximately 8 km from Labuan Bajo Port. We can reach this island within one hour. Furthermore, It is residing in the Komodo National Park and become one of the popular tourist destinations for tourists to visit Komodo Island and Rinca Island. This island is a mangrove forest area and it has an important role to balance to nature, especially the sea. The best time to visit this island is late afternoon when the dark comes. In addition, the tourists who join in the sailing trip on Komodo Tours will dock the boat around at 6 pm local time. The ship will go along the side where the sunset can be seen clearly. The rest of the light from the sun becomes the backdrop of millions of bats. They fly energetically by making noise and thundering toward Labuhan Bajo.

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